‘All Time Low’ is one of pop punk’s hottest new bands. The worlds hottest punk group, some say ever.., began as a cover band in 2003 while still in high school. On their very first record deal with Emerald Moon Records, ‘All Time Low released their first EP “The Three Words to Remember in Dealing with the End”. ‘The Party Scene’ was there first studio album which was released July 2005 on EMR. The band states ‘That they started to get serious their senior year of high school’. Before graduation in 2006, ‘All Time Low’ signs with Hopeless Records launching their EP “Put Up or Shut Up”. And that is what they continue to do.

Through the process of then and now ‘All Time Low’ has landed a promising recording contract with Interscope Records March 2010. 3 EP’s.., 1 DVD.., and 4 Albums later has arrived at ‘Dirty Works’. Their latest album is due to be released June 7th 2011 with that killer hit punk pop single “I Feel Like Dancin'”.

The single “I Feel Like Dancin'” has sold over 25,000 downloads and continues to raise up the Top 40 Radio.

With a series of in store performances and signings beginning June 3rd 2011. ‘All Time Low’ will be reaching out to their screaming fans this summer. For more information on that go to Alltimelow.com.

If you want to see something really cool… check out the bands new video “I Feel Like Dancin'” below.

Remember.. Rhythm Rotates the Earth

By Shawn Murphy

By smurphy

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