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Play Dress Up Alongside Johan Agebjorn's Video For "The Last Day of Summer"


Play Dress Up Alongside Johan Agebjorn's Video For "The Last Day of Summer"

Clothing and music never looked and sounded so good together until the music video for the tune, “The Last Day of Summer” from Swedish DJ and producer Johan Agebjorn. The tune is taken from his recently released debut album, “Casablanca Nights”, which dropped via Paper Bag Records. Johan Agebjorn will release the single for “The Last Day of Summer” on May 31st, which features remixes by Le Matos, Le Prix, Dreamtrak and Ercola.

The full-length album, “Casablanca Nights”, includes collaborations with CFCF, Steve Moore, Sally Shapiro, Fred Ventura, Lake Heartbeat and Le Prix. Many of the vocals and instrumental sounds were recorded everywhere from Montreal to London and Pittsburg to Milan, while Johan Agebjorn put the pieces together back in Sweden.

The released video for “The Last Day of Summer” features Ercola and British electro-pop artist, Queen of Hearts. The video depicts Queen of Hearts in a vibrant couture wardrobe against a just as striking landscape. Oliver Vaughn styled the British pop artist in a variety of eclectic pieces that further support her uniquely enthralling vocals. So thank Oliver Vaughn and the haute German designers Furne One, Tomasz Starzewski, Rachel Freire, Britta Kjerkegaard and Ksenia G for a video that pleases the ears and eyes as well. All the outfits were works of art, but the headpiece nearing the end of the video stuck with us. During the royal wedding, we first became aware of this trend and we are just waiting for the US to rain some exquisite headpieces.

We have always took a liking to European music and the same can go for European clothing. Damn, do they have style.

by Lonnie Nemiroff

The Last Day of Summer Press Shot

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