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SDCC 2012: Frankenweenie Press Conference Live Blog


SDCC 2012: Frankenweenie Press Conference Live Blog

3:45 – That’s all for “Frankenweenie.” The live blogging marathon continues tomorrow with a full day in Hall H!

3:43 – Do new things inspire you as well? “You get inspired early in your life,” Tim explains. “Those early inspirations, I don’t think they ever really leave you.” He says that your first inspirations are typically your strongest, but “you try and get inspired every day.”

3:42 – What are your thoughts on doing the movie in 3D? Tim responds, “The idea of seeing black and white in 3D was something I was really interested in.” He explains that this was an opportunity to try and keep it crisp and the shadows dark as opposed to the dark and muddy images we tend to get from 3D movies.

Frankenweenie Press Conference

3:41 – Tim says he used film references with “Frankenweenie,” but not with his actors, only with his DP so that they could nail the emotion and lighting. He used some of the old Universal monster movies. “I try not to give too many specific references” because he wants people to do their own thing. “You don’t go too far with it.”

3:40 – What’s the difference in the creative process between the feature and the short? “The heart of the story is the same,” Tim begins. “For me, it didn’t feel like it was a padding thing or a stretching thing.” He says it felt quite natural. If it had not, he wouldn’t have made the movie.

3:39 – What’s your favorite Tim film? Atticus goes with “Corpse Bride.”

3:38 – Who would you dress up as at Comic Con? Don jokes, “I’m actually in costume right now.” Tim recalls seeing a guy wearing what looks like three tons of armor. Crazy in this heat.

3:37 – What scares you? Atticus says, “What freaks me out the most would probably be spiders.” He says he has nightmares where he’ll just pick up and cookie and the spider is there, on the cookie. But seriously, “Any arachnid will freak me out.”

Frankenweenie Press Conference

3:36 – Do you have any desire to make a comic? Tim recalls the days when Comic Con was at the Holiday Inn and says, “There’s something very special about this place.”

3:34 – With stop motion animation, Tim notes that while the technology changes, the technique is still animating a puppet and “that’s, I think, why we all love it.” He adds, “You see it come to life and it’s just very magical.”

3:32 – Part of the reason Tim wanted to do this film was because of the opportunity to make it in black and white. “The black and white draws out textures more,” and lends itself to making a film more emotional.

3:30 – Tim says his favorite ride at Disney Land is Space Mountain. However, he calls The Haunted Mansion an honor. “It’s one of those dream-come-true kind of things.”

3:28 – Of working on this type of film, Atticus says, “I think it’s amazing.” He admits he “geeked out” when he found out he got the gig.

Frankenweenie Press Conference

3:26 – Someone asks about Tim possibly going back to live-action, horror-type productions like “Sleepy Hollow.” “I think I’ve had enough of me for a while,” Tim laughs. He’s taking a break after “Frankenweenie.”

3:25 – Don notes that this is the first black and white animated feature ever. He sings Tim’s praises and only has the best to say about the entire “Frankenweenie” team. He moves on to the topic of stop motion animation, explaining “You can actually see and feel the art.”

3:24 – Someone asks about Tim’s tendency to have dogs in his films. Tim explains that when you’re young, it’s the first pure relationship you have, something Tim himself had as a kid. “It seemed like a fairly natural connection to combine the two.”

3:23 – How do you feel walking out in front of the crowd at Hall H? “I wish my family treated me that way,” jokes Tim.

Frankenweenie Press Conference

3:21 – “It’s a project that always meant something to me,” Tim begins. He’s thrilled to revisit something that feels “new and special.”

3:20 – And we’re up! In comes Tim Burton, Allison Abbate, Don Hahn and Atticus Schaffer.

And we’re back at The Hilton Bayfront! Just as the Walt Disney Studios panel is about to wrap in Hall H, the “Frankenweenie” press conference is due to kick off right here. We’ll have writer-director Tim Burton, producer Allison Abbate, producer Don Hahn and the voice of Edgar, Atticus Shaffer, in the house in just a moment. Keep refreshing this page for live updates!

By Perri Nemiroff

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