Extra‘s Maria Menounos had the chance to talk to Arnold Schwarzenegger about his long career and his upcoming film “The Last Stand,” the first leading role he’s done since he left the Governor’s office. The film is about a small border-town sheriff who is working to stop a cartel leader from escaping to Mexico.

“For me it’s great to be back,” he said to Menounos. “Do you feel like you’ll ever be too old to do stunts?” Menounos asked. Schwarzenegger replied, “When I crash through a door, I’m getting up a little slower, and my bones ache and my knees ache.”

During the interview, Menounos passed along a joking message from Sylvester Stallone, which stated, “Why don’t you quit… seriously I have enough competition… I don’t need to see you back so soon… oh my God it’s like it doesn’t go away… put a stake in its heart… it just lives… you’re too good… he’s just too good.”

As you can see, Schwarzengegger and Stallone are good friends now, however, they were each other’s competition back in the day. “In the ’80’s we were fierce competitors… we hated each other… even though we admired each other, but we wanted each other to go away, but now we get along really well,” he said. “We got to an age where we said what is that all about… why are we competing… why can’t we be supportive of each other.”

Check out more from the interview at Extra. “The Last Standing” hits theaters January 18th.

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