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Dad Punchers Will Be Your New Favorite Band


Dad Punchers Will Be Your New Favorite Band

Don’t be deterred from the teenage angst band name, Dad Punchers, because the Los Angeles based band’s music deserves more than just a single play through on their self-titled debut. Dad Punchers is the newest project from Elliot Babin, drummer of Touche Amore and DNF and the Long Beach, CA label, Sea Legs, recently inked a deal with the outfit, dropping their album on December 18, 2012.

The 11 track album consists of the uniquely titled songs, “Tire Swing”, “Redwoods”, “E. Coli”, “Post-Coital Tristesse”, “Morningside”, “Dirty Dished & the Mold”, “Cul De Sac”, “Bug Flipper”, “Backstock”, “Rom Com” and “Self-Loathing”. The unexpected track titling coincides well with Dad Punchers’ unrefined punk sound, which draws comparisons to that of the raw talents often heard on Warped Tour. The outfit doesn’t need over-production to make their tunes catchy. The odd melodic and vocal breaking is enough to make Dad Punchers a memorable band and one to watch out for.

“Dad Punchers” is available on iTunes and on vinyl.

Besides my own seal of approval, if you need further reassurance that “Dad Punchers” is worth the purchase, you can take a listen to the album’s lead single “Redwoods” on SoundCloud.

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