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Join The “Bring Back Hip Hop” Fan Club


Join The “Bring Back Hip Hop” Fan Club

Electronic Dance Music, also known as the fad genre of the 2000s, fist pumped its way to the Grammy Awards in 2005 with the newly added category, “Best Electronic/Dance Album”. Even though this genre received this lofty recognition, I remain a loyal supporter of the anti-neon, glitter, pacifier and dilated pupils trend.

I will never be a fan of a genre that calls for drug use in order to “really” understand the intricate layer of a beat. This request is simply asking a listener to tap out of reality in order to perform the spastic dance moves. So, is it the crowd’s rave-like tendencies that are tainting Electronic Dance Music or is the genre’s lack of including music’s most connective quality, lyrics? I will go with the latter on this one.

As the 2000s “roll” on by and Ultra Music Festival tickets sell out quicker than the year before, I worry that generations to come will be unfamiliar with the genres that require more talent than just looping beats on countless Apple products, wearing huge mouse masks while performing and shaving one side of your head to garner attention. Will there be a day where the industry goes back to the “organic” sound, but also daredevil ways of 90s hip-hop?

If you, Shockya readers, would like hip-hop to hustle out Electronic Dance Music then check out this video from comedians, Evan Krumholz and Tyler Gildin .

Let’s kick techno to the curb by bringing back hip hop music.

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