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Branko Tomovic To Play Nikola Tesla In Upcoming Biopic


Branko Tomovic To Play Nikola Tesla In Upcoming Biopic

Silvermask Productions and North Shore Pictures are working together to produce writer/director Michael Anton’s Nikola Tesla film “The Mad Scientist.” They have given word that Anton has picked Serbian actor Branko Tomovic to play Tesla.

Anton said in a statement that finding the perfect actor wasn’t easy. “We knew if we were to bring Nikola Tesla to life on the screen appropriately we had to find a great actor who could handle the challenge of the role as well as understand the culture of the man,” he said. “It came down to two very talented actors who were very passionate about the script and the history behind the man, but in the end, Branko’s performance just blew us away. He made an impossible decision a simple one. He is the perfect Nikola Tesla.”

Tomovic, who has been named “One to Watch” by MovieScope Magazine and whose film credits include “The Bourne Ultimatum” and “Interview with a Hitman,” stated his happiness at getting the role. “Nikola Tesla has been a great idol of mine for a very long time. It’s a very great honor to be allowed to breathe life into his wonderful character and tell his remarkable story,” said Tomovic in a statement. “Michael Anton’s script is a very well written biopic, which captures Tesla’s essence and persona, his passion for his work, his extraordinary mind, his eccentricity, his ambition and the movie will show that he was not a mad scientist – but one of the greatest minds and inventors that ever lived. ”

“The Mad Scientist” will focus on Tesla’s life after arriving in America:

“ The Mad Scientist follows the life of Nikola Tesla from when he first stepped foot on American soil in 1884 to his final days living alone in his New York Hotel room. The film follows Nikola Tesla from his battles with Thomas Edison and JP Morgan to his friendships with Mark Twain and George Westinghouse. Nikola Tesla battled the strong arm of American Inventor lobbyism led by Thomas Edison with inventions that would change how we view the world forever.”

Tomovic can soon be seen opposite Debbie Harry in Jimmy Cauty’s “Believe the Magic” and Steve Stone’s “Entity.” Tomovic has recently been nominated for a European Film Award for “Silent River” and has also won several Best Actor awards for his work in several short films.

“The Mad Scientist” will begin shooting late August. You can learn more about the film at its IMDB page and Facebook page. You can learn more about Tomovic at his IMDB page.


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