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Artist Of The Week: Lady Lamb the Beekeeper


Artist Of The Week: Lady Lamb the Beekeeper

Typically, I find myself gravitating towards “newer” groups with one-word band names or simple album titles. Who wants to be that girl who can barely remember or pronounce the artist’s name? Sometimes when the music is that good, you must forgo the titling and spread the word either way. A case in point can be made with singer and songwriter, Lady Lamb the Beekeeper, also known as Aly Spaltro.

Nowadays, you can insert “indie” in front of any genre just to make it sound less mainstream and more eclectic. With this tendency, indie folk music has paved its way up the charts, but with each climb, its storytelling power takes a hit. Yes, distinct choruses make a song catchier, but sometimes they can restrain a track both lyrically and instrumentally. Lady Lamb the Beekeeper positively goes off this course and invokes the beauty back in “organic” folk music.

Hailing from Brunswick, Maine, Spaltro released her first studio album, “Ripely Pine”, on February 12th via Ba Da Bing!. The 12 track album juxtaposes her hauntingly untamed vocals with positively outlandish melodies. With each track, Spaltro takes you on a journey, where the lyrical and instrumental endings are not foreseen. With the songs, “Aubergine”, “Hair to the Ferris Wheel”, “You Are The Apple” and “The Nothing Part II”, Lady Lamb the Beekeeper is the pioneer of a genre that has taken the wrong route in the 21st Century. She redirects folk back onto its centric path of creating everlasting tales.

For more information on Lady Lamb the Beekeeper, head on over to her official site. Click here to get your copy of “Ripley Pine” on iTunes.

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