Before justifying this odd pairing for “Artist Of The Week”, let me address one point: Other than my daily dose of Eminem, I am not an everyday listener of rap or hip-hop music. So, before any of you, Shockya readers, accuse me of being naïve, I will already proclaim myself as a rap and hip hop virgin. So, save your lack of knowledge slander for the genres’ real poser, Justin Bieber.

You should also take note of the careful ordering of the artists in the above title. Kanye West would have been the leader of the two with “Yeezus”, but his relationship with Kim Kardashian, his choice to name his daughter, North West, his dire need of humility in interviews and his little effort in designing the “Yeezus” cover art stripped him of this week’s reign. So, J.Cole and his sophomore album, “Born Sinner”, took the lead.

While West’s album approach was more daring and innovative, Cole created an album that infuses commercial success with lyrical originality, which is a daunting task to undertake for a sophomore LP. Joined by such notable artists as 50 Cent, TLC, Miguel and Kendrick Lamar, “Born Sinner” and its 21 tracks are comprised of heavily melodic tempos and is an overall chorus powerhouse.

For a young rapper, Cole gets a strong pat on the back for “Born Sinner”, but Kanye’s “Yeezus” is a self-centered masterpiece that can easily be my favorite album of 2013. Damn it, Kanye, if only you went in any other direction than north for a baby name.

Unfortunately Kanye’s personality clouded my “Artist Of The Week” decision, but did it for you? Who do you, Shockya readers, think won the June 18th release day battle?

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