We’ve got an exclusive clip from a new zombie film, “Cockneys vs. Zombies”! Tea Shop & Film Company/Molinare/Limelight/Kintop project, which comes to select cities and VOD today, is directed by Matthias Hoene and written by James Moran and Lucas Roche. The film stars Harry Treadaway, Michelle Ryan, Alan Ford, Honor Blackman and Georgia King.

The film focuses on a bank-robbing gang has to fight against zombies:

“The Bow Bells Care Home is under threat and the McGuires – Andy, Terry, and Katy – need to find some way to keep their grandfather and his friends in the East End, where they belong. But, when you’re robbing a bank, zombie invasions makes things a lot harder. And let’s face it, they need all the help they can get when their bank-robbing experts turn out to be Mental Mickey and Davey Tuppance. As contractors to an East London building site unlock a 350-year old vault full of seriously hungry zombies, the East End has suddenly gone to hell and the Cockney way of life is under threat. Equipped with all the guns and ammo they can carry, it’s up to the gang to save the hostages, their grandfather, and East London from zombie Armageddon.
Cockney (definition): A native of the East End of London, born within hearing of the ringing of the Bow Bells”

Check out the clip below and learn more about the film at its site and Facebook page.

Cockneys vs. Zombies

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By Monique Jones

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