With fall officially kicking off this week, you, Shockya readers, no longer have to justify your choice of listening to dismal playlists in the blissful summer days. It is finally acceptable to crank up those moodier tracks. So, you can retire your pop tunes or at least save them for an exceptionally happy day because rock music is at the forefront of this season and leading the way is the folk rock band, Deer Tick.

Fronted by singer/song-writer and guitarist, John McCauley, Deer Tick dropped their fifth studio album, “Negativity”, this past Tuesday, September 24th, via Partisan Records. As an avid fan of all things “McCauley”, which include his other outfit, Middle Brother and ”Deervana” (Deer Tick playing concerts entirely filled with Nirvana covers), the release of “Negativity” has been marked on my calendar for a considerable amount of time. There is no need to worry if you haven’t heard of the genius, McCauley, or Deer Tick until today because the outfit goes against music trends, which has kept their sound continuously refreshing over the years. It is never too late to become a “Tickhead”.

Deer Tick’s “Negativity” can be deemed as a safe haven to entrust with your own dark and troubled emotions. Believe it or not, Shockya readers, but music is only truly relatable when the artist actually writes the album. Yes, many singers can “connect” with the lyricists’ stories, but all too often vapidity sneaks on through when the words aren’t your own. McCauley upholds this statement with the utter of a single note on “Negativity”.

Whether you are having relationship woes, family troubles or just feeling simply vulnerable to life, Deer Tick has you covered. Click here to get your copy of “Negativity”.

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