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Beyoncé Releases New Behind-the-Scenes Video About Filming Drunk In Love


Beyoncé Releases New Behind-the-Scenes Video About Filming Drunk In Love

Beyoncé shocked the world when she released her self-titled visual album late this year. The world is still reeling from her dropping the album without any warning, without singles, and even without any real CD cover art except her name in pink letters. If you’re still trying to get your life back in order from the album’s release, Beyoncé released a behind-the-scenes video about the filming of some of the album’s music videos, including “Drunk in Love.”

According to The Huffington Post, the video focuses on Beyoncé’s insistence on non-perfection, the revelation of the fact that 80 songs were recorded for the album (I’m presuming for both “Part 1” and “Part 2”), and the issue with obtaining permits to film videos.

The news isn’t just that the video was released, it was dropped on another random day–Christmas. This was surely an extra Christmas gift for the Bey Hive and casual fans alike. If you didn’t hear about this video until after Christmas and you want more Beyoncé to wash over you? Read below the post and click on the video to get your life.

What do you think about this behind-the-scenes video? Did you learn some stuff about Beyoncé that you didn’t know before? Give your opinions in the comments section below!


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