Artist: Eluusif

EP: Aliens Do It Better

Production: Eluusif

Pondering the true emotional question of what kind of love is right and embracing a genuine, personal connection with those you sincerely connect with is one of the leading and captivating messages in modern popular music. But incorporating that exploration of honest bonding isn’t a common theme in the pulsating world of electronic songs that regularly fuel the animated club scene. But London-based musician Eluusif, a songwriter and producer of electronic music, energetically infused the spellbinding tracks on his new EP, ‘Aliens Do It Better,’ with powerful beats and gripping lyrics about love and being accepted by society.

The multimedia artist, whose compositions on the six-song ‘Aliens Do It Better,’ which he released independently last month, are driven by such influences as dance and dubstep. The EP initially draws listeners in with its unique, electronic beat on the opening track, ‘Hair Like Skrillex.’ With the song doesn’t feature the typical fast beat that drives much of today’s popular dance music, its subtle pulsating rhythm boosts the song’s emotional lyrics of what kind of love is right.

The gripping emotional exploration of what fortifies a true connection is also featured on the EP’s best song, ‘You Should Be Mine (Rework).’ The upbeat, optimistic lyrics about wanting to make a relationship work, fueled by a cheerful electronic beat, shows that true love can be embraced and successful. While the track is a typical, upbeat song that will surely find success in clubs, it also has the potential to be a hit on mainstream radio.

While the theme of embracing your true emotional connections is uniquely infused into the EP’s entirety, ‘Aliens Do it Better’ also features intense and chilling beats and lyrics that powerfully criticize the deterioration of people’s ability to really bond in modern society. The track, ‘No, I Don’t Wanna Be Your Facebook Friend,’ incorporates an intense, chilling beat and club vibe, is passionately reflective of some people’s resistance to constantly relying on social media. While meant to be a powerful and passionate dance song, the gripping lyrics that question modern society’s growing inability to truly appreciate intimate human contact makes the song the most thought-provoking one on the EP.

While ‘Aliens Do It Better’ is interlaced with gripping and meaningful messages throughout its multifaceted songs, Eluusif also proved his versatility with such playful tracks as ‘Justin Bieber Is An Android’ and ‘I Need An Alien Tonight.’ The powerful, upbeat bass and instrumental beats and tempos instantly draw listeners in, and prove the two songs are the best ones on the EP for truly dancing.

Eluusif, who has drawn critical and commercial praise and success for his gripping influence from, and homage to, such artists as Krewella and Nicky Romero, created an empowering track list for ‘Aliens Do It Better.’ Whether powerfully discussing the importance of finding true love and connections through true human contact, to infusing upbeat, electronic tempos that truly inspire people to dance, in his creatively versatile songs, the creative songwriter truly created enticing songs for all types of music lovers.

Eluusif's Aliens Do It Better EP Review

Written by: Karen Benardello

By Karen Benardello

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