Charlie comes home, exhausted from a business trip, to find her sister Lyla lying dead from a freak accident. Charlie’s world is shattered…not only were the sisters inseparable, they ran a small business together that Charlie couldn’t possibly run herself, although she tries her best to get back to work.

As Charlie is about to lose hope, Lyla returns as a spirit and is as vivacious and fun-loving as she was in life. Everything seems back to the way things were and Lyla’s paranormal powers only add to the fun. But when forces beyond their control begin to pull Lyla away, Charlie is forced to face a difficult choice. Was this a blessing or a curse? Or both?

A bittersweet drama with touches of magic, love and humor, the film explores how profound loss can lead to transformation and new-found strength.

“One Past”
A short supernatural drama

Logline: Reeling after a tragic twist of fate, a young woman is visited by a vivacious spirit.
WORLD PREMIERE – Urbanworld Film Festival

Friday, September 19, 2014 at 2:00 p.m.
AMC Theaters [34th Street] – Theater #9

Official Website:
Directed & Edited by Juli S. Kobayashi
Produced and Written by Juli S. Kobayashi and Celiné Justice
Celiné Justice (
Grayson Brannen (
Donovan Christie, Jr. (
and Ryan Preimesberger (
Director of Photography: Henrik A. Meyer (

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