Are you a documentary lover and you’re always on the hunt for some for some great, engaging documentaries to watch? SundanceNow Doc Club is offering something new for all of you who love watching films that detail amazing, inspiring and unbelievable accounts of real stories.

SundanceNow Doc Club is debuting their new program, The Essentials. The program was created by Thom Powers, the documentary programmer of the Toronto Film Festival. The Essentials adds to SundanceNow Doc Club’s already extensive focus on documentaries and compliments the club’s new look and iPhone/iPad and Android apps, which enhance the club’s viewing experience.

The Essentials feature seven classic documentaries have become favorites of doc lovers and critics alike. The documentaries featured include “The Thin Blue Line,” “Let’s Get Lost,” “Stop Making Sense” and a newly-remastered HD version of “Hoop Dreams.” This version of the film is currently only available through The Essentials; Netflix only carries the SD version of this film.

View Powers discussing The Essentials in this video and head to to learn more about subscription prices and featured films.

What do you think about The Essentials? Are you going to become a new member of the SundanceNow Doc Club? Write your opinions in the comments section below.

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By Monique Jones

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