Alki David is making his feeling clear about where he wants to take rap battles. In an interview with LA Weekly, he stated his intentions to bring rap battles to the mainstream.

Rap battles have always been a part of David’s life. According to the article, David has loved rap battles since encountering them in the early 1980s while as a breakdancing young man in London’s Covent Garden. FilmOn’s upcoming “Ether” rap battle between Dizaster and Cassidy is one step David is taking to create rap battles that aren’t censored.

“Television is fraught with FCC rules and so much compliance that it makes it very difficult to allow artists to be themselves without being bleeped every second word,” he said. David believes that this upcoming rap battle will set the tone for future rap battles to come. “This is definitely the beginning of a UFC-style league for battle rap,” he said. “It’s a sport. It’s an intellectual sport and real social commentary.”

The rap battle will also highlight David’s other venture, Hologram USA. Lush One, battle rap organizer and FilmOn TV’s urban content director, said that there will be a “hologram experience” during the event that will include a separate area where the event is live-streamed via hologram. There will also be some “famous guest appearances” as well.

You can read more of David’s comments at LA Weekly. Give your opinions on this upcoming battle in the comments section below. Showtime for the battle is Saturday, Dec. 6 at 9 p.m. EST/PST. Get pay-per-view information at


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By Monique Jones

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