Artist: Vince Grant

EP: My Depression Is Always Trying To Kill Me

Production: Produced, Recorded and Mixed by Doug Grean; Mastered at Rodney Mills Masterhouse

Struggling to overcome the harrowing emotional setbacks mental illness often presents on a person’s determined road to recovery and rejuvenation of their goals and relationships can be an agonizing journey. Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Vince Grant has admirably divulged the details of his own depression, as well as his addiction to drugs and alcohol, and the relentless battle he has embarked on to contend with his diverse emotions and motivations. In his new debut alternative rock EP, ‘My Depression Is Always Trying to Kill Me,’ which was released on Friday, the musician discovered and utilized his authentic voice to captivatingly channel his own gripping experiences. He alluring used those important lessons he learned in his rehabilitation process to help guide his listeners as they embark on their own successful recoveries, and begin to embrace the positive relationships and elements of their lives.

The EP’s lead single, ‘Melancholia,’ enthralling opens ‘My Depression Is Always Trying to Kill Me’ with an emotional guitar introduction that smoothly gives way to Grant’s husky and captivating voice. The song grippingly recalls the singer’s alluring recollection of his strong emotional connection with the woman he loves. He tellingly reveals that he’s upset she cares so little about their bond anymore that she can leave him for days, as he still truly holds onto their memories. Her departure leads to him experiencing the song’s title feeling, as he mourns her not trying to sustain their love.

The record’s initial track is powerfully similar to its third thought-provoking entry, ‘Edge of the World,’ which also utilizes an enthralling guitar introduction that reverberates the same important message of embracing love while it lasts. Grant endearingly admits his own mistakes in the ending of his relationship, as he apologizes for his transgressions and thoughtless, careless and selfish ways. The musician’s relatable and soulful acceptance of his mistakes makes his declarations of wanting to repair the connection all the more insightful and gratifying. His compelling declaration that he isn’t able to survive on his own without the woman he loves can make a the perfect radio ballot, particularly if the almost seven-minute song were to be cut in half.

The second and fourth songs on Grant’s enthralling debut EP, ‘Oceans II’ and ‘How Many Times You,’ incorporate more care-free and optimistic instrumentals that are reminiscent of 1990s rock songs, and alluringly reflect on how a person’s surroundings influence their life. ‘Oceans II’ showcases how the songwriter is trying to break free from his regular routine and dependencies, and how he’s on his way to achieving the new life he has been longingly searching for during his recovery. ‘How Many Times You’ also offers the feeling that life can improve if people reflect on their past mistakes and pain as they go through their daily routines, and learn from their mistakes.

The last song on ‘My Depression Is Always Trying to Kill Me,’ which is titled ‘Sweet Addiction,’ is an epic 10-minute emotional reflection and consideration of how the singer has lived his life so far. The insightful guitar cords and tantalizing lyrics give insight into how people can feel as though they’re falling back into their addictions, especially when they’re alone with their thoughts, as they can’t control their pain. But as they learn from their transgressions, people can discover how they can better control their addictions and move forward with, and improve, their lives.

‘My Depression Is Always Trying to Kill Me’ is the enticing, captivating and revealing debut EP from the talented and versatile Grant, who alluring wrote and sang about his deeply personal and emotional experiences, as he continues to battle to overcome his addictions and depression. Enthrallingly capturing the same insightful rock sound as such musicians as REM and Elliott Smith, Grant is the rare artist who proves that openly addressing the most private aspects of a person’s life can be satisfyingly engaging for audiences who can easily relate to, and understand, their struggles.

For more information on Grant, visit his official website and Facebook and YouTube pages. Watch the music videos for ‘Melancholia’ and ‘How Many Times You,’ which were both produced and directed by Alex Nasonov, and listen to the audio for both songs, below.

Vince Grant's My Depression Is Always Trying To Kill Me EP Review

Written by: Karen Benardello

By Karen Benardello

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