Title: Digibites

Artist: Gumshen

Production: DigiPhobe

Progressively experimenting with radical concepts, in an effort to grippingly emphasize your enthrallingly relatable thoughts and feelings, can often times be a powerful action, as others can truly embrace and support your dynamic strives to encourage chance in society. That’s certainly the case with indie rock band Gumshen, who successfully and intriguingly transitioned into the compelling genres of EDM and electronica with its new record, ‘Digibites.’ The album, which is now available for purchase on the group’s Bandcamp page, entrancingly combines upbeat vocals and instrumentals with classical and vintage vibes to showcase that no matter what people’s ideals are, they’ll be better able to expand their horizons if they uninhibitedly embrace their true personalities.

Gumshen’s latest album begins with the enticing track, ‘A Scene Like That,’ which features upbeat electronic-infused instrumentals, including keyboards and synths, from members Ron Hippe, Jan Ciganik, Dennis McCoy and Chip Reno. The Seattle-based band encourages listeners to embrace who they truly are before they act out for attention, as it’s easy for others to see straight through their fake personalities.

The powerful message in ‘Digibites’s inaugural track than entrancingly leads into the encouraging music featured in ‘Be Here and Now,’ which features a more classical instrumental introduction. The sophomore song inspires listeners to determinedly go after what they want in life, and not to give into pressure to do anything else. If people find where they truly belong, then the people in their lives will truly support them for who they have become.

‘Latency Head,’ the next riveting entry on Gumshen’s album, brings back the rock band’s upbeat, electronic vibe that’s reminiscent of ‘A Scene Like That.’ The dance song perfectly encourages people to embrace the signals that reassure them to go after what they want in life. The band’s next track on ‘Digibites,’ titled ‘Don’t Stop the Music,’ also inspiringly tells its listeners to focus on the things in their lives that are meaningful to them, even if they’re not the accepted norm. It importantly emphasizes that music, and the ability to truly express their feelings, truly guide people’s lives.

The next two songs on the record, ‘Pick Up the Slack’ and ‘Talk to Me,’ both captivatingly emphasize Gumshen’s roots through their rock-inspired guitar and instrumentals. The tracks powerfully remind listeners that they have no one else to blame for what’s happening to them in their lives besides themselves. They have to communicate with their soul in order to improve, and take control over, their lives.

The album then moves into one of its most notable songs, the emotionally relatable ‘I Need a Friend.’ The slower-paced entry encourages listeners to connect with those who truly believes in them, and won’t deceive them. Since no one can always fight their enemies on their own, having an ally who will defend them when they’re not strong, as well as miss them when they’re gone, is one of the most endearing message from the fearless rockers.

While the next two songs on ‘Digibites,’ ‘Cut from the Cloth’ and ‘Hint,’ both include distinct vocals and rock-infused instrumentals, and also interestingly contemplate how some things never truly change in life, the record’s last entry, ‘One Track Mind,’ is one of the most liberating on the record. It encourages people not to worry about what they have to say to others, and not to hesitate when they want to reveal their true feelings. The rock-electronic entry, which would make the perfect hit for both the radio and club circuit, encourages people to go after what they want, and not let other people’s opinions restrict them or strop them from pursuing their dreams.

Confidently pursuing your passions, while emotionally connecting with people who support your vision, is a courageous decision in a world that’s full of oppressive limitations that restrict your potential. The intriguing Seattle rock quartet, Gumshen, boldly sets out to work outside of its normal genre that has garnered them numerous accolades, including being chosen as one of Nanobot’s Top 10 Discoveries of 2014. Delving into such diverse styles as synthpop, electronic and funk, and taking inspiration from such bands as LCD Soundsystem and Pink Floyd, Gamshen’s new album, ‘Digibites,’ proves the benefits of relying on your inspirations to inspire you.

For more information on Gumshen, visit the band’s official website and Facebook and Twitter pages. Watch the official video for ‘A Scene Like That,’ and listen to ‘Digibites’ in its entirety, below.

Gumshen Digibites Album Review

Written by: Karen Benardello

By Karen Benardello

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