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Kimia Penton’s Lessons From Life and Love EP Review


Kimia Penton’s Lessons From Life and Love EP Review

Artist: Kimia Penton

EP: Lessons from Life and Love

Production: Album produced by Kimia Penton and Francis Moka at Crystal Clear Sound in Dallas

While studying and observing life themes is often times a meaningful way for people to truly understand overall human behavior in the world around them, that essential process is also an insightful way to contend with how the actions of their loved ones has a direct impact on their emotions. Dallas based singer-songwriter-violinist turned psychologist Kimia Penton expertly relied on her experience of helping others to channel those heartbreaking themes of unconditional and unrequited love, as well as the loss of loved ones, in her new EP, ‘Lessons From Life and Love,’ which is set to be released tomorrow. Similar in nature to such empowering female artists as Norah Jones, Sade, Alison Krauss and Sara Bareilles, Penton’s new jazz-pop-world release proves there’s a certain sadness behind her lyrics that comes from the depth of her experiences of seeing how people treat those they love.

Penton’s equally haunting and graceful melodies on ‘Lessons From Life and Love’ begins with its first intriguing entry, ‘My Kind of Love.’ The exotic-sounding and guitar-fueled ballad features a heartbeat-like rhythm that powerfully emphasizes the musician’s essential message that the truth doesn’t always make you happy. While the singer notes that she knows she’s far from perfect, she asks that the man she loves never questions that her heart only beats for him. The track’s soulful guitar and violin also passionately stress that she’ll always be there for him.

The enticing EP then transitions into the intriguing entry, ‘The Door,’ which grippingly chronicles how hope and despair often times influences how people develop a deep and intimate relationship. The song’s melody, which is soulfully played on a piano, is equally gentle, melancholic and dynamic. The track also entrancingly emphasizes how Penton’s relationship ended months ago, but it still feels like it was only yesterday when they fell in love. She thought they would have a lifetime together, particularly since he still has the potential to save her. The singer humbly admits that her fear and doubts about the relationship ending have stripped her confidence down, as they no longer fit as perfectly together as they once did. Penton’s soulful vocals give the song the potential to be an adult contemporary hit.

‘Lessons from Life and Love’ then delves into its exotic third track, ‘Pieces.’ The song, which is filled with a complex Flamenco-inspired sound, is driven by an intense violin introduction. The musician emotionally chronicles how in life, she’s just one of the majority of people in the world who are expected to follow a script . But she notes that mindlessly following everyone else’s expectations is a mistake, as she isn’t living the life she truly wants. She also reveals that it was an error to completely trust the man she loved, as she was only seeing what she wanted and needed in him, which he rehearsed to please her. Her violin solo towards the end of song also intensely emphasizes her pain of being hurt by the man she thought she knew and loved.

Penton’s alluring EP then delves into the pop-country-infused entry, ‘Crossroads,’ which offers a gentle and heart-wrenching take on not being loved anymore. The song’s classical and enthralling guitar and piano introduction leads into the singer’s heart-breaking realization that the man she loves doesn’t want her anymore, and there’s nothing she can do to change his mind. The musician soulfully sings that she want to show him that she has changed, but she harrowingly realizes that everything she has done to convince him has been in vain. The entry is an important change from the EP’s other songs, as she swears she still loves him, and she’s not trying to move on. But she does painfully realize that she’s living in the past, as he doesn’t say the same things he used to say to her anymore.

‘Start Again’ is the next relatable and endearing pop-infused entry on ‘Lessons From Life and Love,’ as Penton intriguingly notes another drastic change in her emotions and motivations. The song notes how she was the one to leave the relationship, but she humbly admits that she has been in pain since she walked away from the main she loves. She also admits that has lost her way, and regrets leaving him. She expresses her sincere apology when she asks if he’ll hear her out, even though she knows he has to reason to take her back. She also grippingly questions if they can take relationship back to where it first began, when nothing stood in their way. The track’s soulful piano also powerfully emphasizes that he’s all she’ll ever need, and that she hopes they can repair their broken trust and relationship.

Following ‘Start Again,’ ‘Lessons From Life and Love’ ends with one of its most captivating entries, ‘Memories of You.’ The song, which features an enthralling instrumental section led solely by the guitar and percussion, offers an optimistic look at how to best approach life after a painful breakup. Penton relatably sings about learning to hold onto every aspect of life that she cherishes, as she still wishes her romantic relationship lasted. She also relatably asks how she can replace the memories of him, as she doesn’t want to frozen in the past, where he made promises he didn’t keep.

Having been born in the Middle East and raised in London, and now based in Dallas, Penton’s diverse experiences and beliefs are relatably and expertly revealed throughout her stunning and relatable new EP, ‘Lessons From Life and Love.’ After she began writing songs as a teenager, as a way to communicate her feelings and beliefs, and now also studying human behavior as a psychologist, she passionately crafts lyrics that often reflect her insights and observations of life themes that her listeners all face and can identify with. Most notably channeling the heartbreaking themes of how unconditional and unrequited love, as well as the loss of loved ones, can influence people, Penton’s new jazz-pop-world release proves there’s a certain sadness that comes from the depth of her experiences of seeing how people treat those they love.

For more information on Penton, visit her Facebook page.

Kimia Penton's Lessons From Life and Love EP Review

Written by: Karen Benardello

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