Artist: PORT OF Est.; Hannah Tarkinson – Vocals; Todd Kitchens – Producer; Joined by Chandler Rentz – Drums; Tim Watts – Bass Guitar and Vibes

Single: Clash

Production: Mixed by Jonathan Wyman at The Halo and Mastered by Grammy Award winner Adam Ayan at Gateway Mastering

The most tantalizing and provocative thoughts and sentiments that people keep buried deep within their subconscious can often times powerfully surface at the most unexpected moments. But those gripping emotions can often strongly influence the way people react to the most important situations in their lives, and how they interact in their significant relationships. The electronic pop-experimental band, PORT OF Est., is effortlessly commanding attention for their alluring soundtrack about the process of contending with their deepest emotions as they’re naturally driven to emerge during a dire circumstance. The Portland, Maine-based band is grippingly chronicling how they’re dealing with their most harrowing attitudes being vulnerably exposed on their debut album, ‘Onyx Moon.’ The record, which is set to be released on Tuesday on their own Delphinium Music label, features the stunning new single, ‘Clash.’

The riveting track from the pop duo’s upcoming album quickly and enthrallingly dives right into their gripping signature electronic sound, as it begins with an enticing drum introduction that relentlessly draws listeners in. The stunning instrumentals lead into Tarkinson’s soulful voice, which is stunningly reminiscent of such powerful singers as Lana Del Rey and Nina Simone. Port of Est.’s vocalist enticingly croons about her driving desire to find her way home, and discover who she really is. The band’s leader’s raspy and stunning voice also infuses authenticity to the song’s relatable theme of continuously contending with the angst of finding your true self, particularly as your emotions routinely change to fit the situation you’re currently facing. Aided by the captivating and dark piano and guitar that are strikingly highlighted mid-way through ‘Clash,’ Tarkinson’s remarkable vocals also hint that the song’s even more impressive and emotional when the band performs it for a live audience.

The naturally intense thoughts about willingly contending with your most susceptible emotions that you keep buried deep within your subconscious, which powerfully arise at the most unexpected moments, is grippingly presented in the new electronic-infused single, ‘Clash.’ The stunning song from the Portland, Maine-based pop-experimental band proves that it’s a perfectly natural and understandable situation for everyone to want to uncover who they truly are, especially during their most harrowing moments, through their alluring vocals and instrumentals. The experimental-electronic pop duo’s latest single is a worthy accomplice to all listeners as they journey through the depths of their own subconscious, as they determinedly try to discover who they truly are and where they want to lead their lives.

For more information on PORT OF Est., visit the electronic pop-experimental band’s official website and Twitter page. Listen to the band’s new single, ‘Clash,’ below.

PORT OF Est.'s Clash Single Review

Written by: Karen Benardello

By Karen Benardello

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