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Legal Cannabis Oil SwissX Relieving MS Sufferers of Pain and Garnering Celebrity Fans


Legal Cannabis Oil SwissX Relieving MS Sufferers of Pain and Garnering Celebrity Fans

Snoop Dogg SwissX

Rapper Snoop Dogg expresses his admiration for Alki David’s cannabis oil, SwissX.

The new legal cannabis oil, known as SwissX, is garnering attention for not only accumulating celebrity fans, but also relieving the chronic pain of multiple sclerosis (MS) patients. As recently reported on Daily Mail, the oil, which was founded by FilmOn owner Alki David, contains cannabidiol (CBD), which is the same compound that’s found in cannabis.

SwissX contains CBD, which is one of approximately 110 active compounds that’s found in cannabis. But SwissX doesn’t carry the same stigmas as marijuana. According to the product’s website, the organic oil blend doesn’t contain plant byproducts, and therefore has no tetrahydrocannabinol, which causes users to experience hallucinations after consumption.

Some of the celebrities who have expressed their admiration for SwissX include Scott Disick. The television personality told MailOnline that the oil is “a good organic health product that helps me to properly relax.”

Snoop Dogg also posted a video on his Instagram account last month, during which he shared his love for SwissX chocolate. Fashion designer Donatella Versace is also an admirer, and reportedly bought SwissX chocolates last month.

While discussing the benefits of his product, David has said that “Every day I get to see (how) different types of people have their lives changed by this oil. The whole experience has given me joy.” He added that so many people seem to be benefiting from SwissX, including “cancer sufferers, people in constant pain, the elderly battling with arthritis and people who are trying to cope with severe PTSD, who have given their lives for our country.”

The businessman also revealed that “The anti-inflammatory properties excite me the most. We are just starting to understand the full relationship between inflammation and cancer, plus many other diseases.”

In addition to its growing list of celebrity users, SwissX has even used after surgery in some clinics across America. Dr. Garo Kassabian, who operates in Beverly Hills, also spoke to MailOnline about the oil, saying “I had first-hand experience with my mom when she was going through a lot of pain after they discovered a fracture in her spine. She couldn’t tolerate narcotics, so we had her try the SwissX. It not only relieved her pain, but also allowed her to sleep and feel comfortable for the first time. After seeing the difference it made, I decided to bring it into my practice for my patients…I use it for a post-surgery option for pain relief.”

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