‘Friends Don’t Let Friends’ hurt and abandon each other in dangerous situations…or do they? That morally ominous question is set to be explored with the distribution of the new horror film. The thriller is set to be released this Tuesday, November 28, as Gravitas Ventures has acquired it for its North American distribution. In honor of the movie’s release, the distribution company has unveiled its trailer, poster and stills.

The drama was co-directed and executive produced by Lyndee Brown and James S. Brown, the latter of whom also wrote the script. ‘Friends Don’t Let Friends’ features a fast-paced momentum in its shooting style, and it continually engages the audience in a voyeuristic way. The helming duo brought a docs-style feel to the twisted horror story.

‘Friends Don’t Let Friends’ stars Brittany Anne Woodford, who plays Stephanie, and Jake White, who portrays Dave. The core group of actors also includes Brendan McGowan, who plays Jeb; and Jenny Curtis, who portrays Carrie.

Gravitas Ventures has released the following official synopsis for ‘Friends Don’t Let Friends’:

As a group of friends come together to cover up a murder, they end up stranded deep in the desert, and have to band together to make it out alive. The further they venture into the darkness, the closer they come to discovering that each one of them is more dangerous than anyone had ever realized. It’s only a matter of time before they understand. Four people can keep a secret, when three of them are dead.

“I knew from the beginning that ‘Friends Don’t Let Friends’ had to feel visceral for the audience. I wanted them to feel like they were watching something they shouldn’t be allowed to see, with people that felt familiar and close. Each group of friends has a Stephanie, a Dave, a Jeb and a Carrie. My hope is that we’ve created something that lingers with you long after that first watch,” Jamie said about making the horror thriller.

For more information on ‘Friends Don’t Let Friends,’ visit the drama’s official website, as well as its Facebook page.

'Friends Don't Let Friends' Trailer
'Friends Don't Let Friends' Trailer

Gravitas Ventures has released the trailer for co-directors James S. Brown and Lyndee Brown's horror thriller, 'Friends Don't Let Friends.'

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