Reina Mora's Trouble Single Review
Singer-songwriter Reina Mora releases her new single, ‘Trouble,’ as the lead single from her upcoming full length debut album, ‘Birds Eye View.’

Artist: Reina Mora

Single: Trouble

Commanding and maintaining a fiery complexity when it comes time to share a passionate heat with the people they’re most drawn to can be a powerful motivator for many people. But the multifaceted Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter, Reina Mora, naturally shares her poetically alluring true heart in her versatile new song, ‘Trouble,’ which serves as the lead single from her upcoming full length debut album, ‘Birds Eye View.’ The at-times playful pop-rock-jazz infused track demands an overall consideration for its soulful, sultry and seductive nature, which truly captures listeners’ attention, and refuses to let go.

Driven by thoughtful and edgy guitar riffs and rhythmic piano cords, Mora’s voluptuous vocals instantly and alluringly require attention. The soothing melody powerful highlights the singer’s sensuous energy and performance, particularly during the striking chorus. The musician creates a relatable and emotional journey that listeners can easily engage in, as she sings about a potentially dangerous relationship that’s difficult to give up on. Mora heartfeltfully croons about how both people in the relationship have brought trouble and moments of weakness. She doesn’t express regret over the mistakes they have both made, which makes the song about their problematic love even more refreshing and freeing.

‘Trouble’ also enthrallingly reflects Mora’s musical influences, who include Fiona Apple and the Arctic Monkeys, and ponders distinct messages and ideas that she has picked up from them. Thematically, the tune’s title trouble can either mean that the singer’s the one who’s causing the unrest, or that the man she’s with is causing the pain, and she wanted to leave that interpretation into who’s seducing who open to listeners.

Mora is a visionary rock, metal, pop and electronica performer who isn’t afraid to share her feelings and motivations. So the sultry and sensual ‘Trouble’ is the perfect introductory single to her first full length record. The musician notes how the song allows her to take control over her sexuality, as she wanted to openly and unashamedly share her feelings of female seductiveness and empowerment with her audience.

As a songwriter and performer, Mora is no longer afraid to be reveal the challenges she has faced in her life. ‘Birds Eye View’ is a rich and stylistically diverse collection of personal material that traverses the struggles and successes she’s experienced throughout her life. Making her first record on her terms offered her the opportunity to draw on all of her influences, and create a completely unique style that allows her to be the sultry, edgy and seductive person she truly wishes to be in life.

For more information on Mora, visit her official website, as well as her Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

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