The cover for Xavier Toscano' album, 'Feels So Good'
The cover for Xavier Toscano’ pop-EDM album, ‘Feels So Good.’

Artist: Xavier Toscano

Album: ‘Feels So Good’

Maintaining an innate optimism that life will also be positive, no matter what type of situation a person finds themselves in, is a powerful message for everyone to embrace. Singer-songwriter Xavier Toscano is highlighting that motivating belief on his newly released full-length pop-EDM album, ‘Feels So Good.’ The record, which intriguingly fuses electronic dance-urban pop together with explosive elements of rap, rock, reggae and R&B, celebrates the joy and freedom of being alive.

‘Feels So Good’ immediately highlights Toscano’s commitment to upbeat dance rhythm with the 45-second title entry, which features strong and emotive vocals from Raquela. The memorable EDM-infused vocals and beats showcase the musician’s commitment to dance.

The sophomore song on the album, ‘Never Wanna Leave,’ is one of its best tracks, as it features a funky dance beat that will surely make it an instant club hit. Toscano passionately croons about how the woman he loves makes him feel alive, especially since she has an infectious vibe.

‘Never Wanna Leave’ than transitions into the EDM-infused tune, ‘The Remedy (Feel Alright),’ which features robotic vocals from the singer that state that he wants to party and feel alive. He energetically states that he has the remedy to make anyone feel alive.

The next entry on the record, ‘Runaway,’ which features a 1990s dance beat and vocals, perfectly embraces the process of celebrating youthful joy and freedom. He also emotionally propositions the woman he loves to go away with him. The song interestingly pits the all-important message of overcoming heartbreak against an intriguing dance beat.

‘Runaway’ then shifts into another one of the album’s best tracks, ‘Apologies Wasted,’ as it shows the musician’s more emotional side. The very personal, mid-tempo tune highlights Toscano trying to understand why the person he loves is treating him so badly. The entry, which features a more pop feel, follows the singer as he emotes that nothing will change in their relationship until she transforms herself.

The next song on ‘Feels So Good’ is the powerful pop-infused piano ballad, ‘Castles in the Sky,’ which is a wistful reflection on the innocence of first love. The musician emotionally remembers the days they spent in the sun, as they were running up and down the streets, and thought they would be together forever. They also developed many dreams together that unfortunately didn’t end up coming to fruition, which makes it a powerful score for an emotional break-up scene in a film.

Toscano’s new record then transitions back into its signature, up-beat dance and EDM vibe with such tracks as ‘Nas-T-Nize’ and ‘Watch Out It’s On,’ the latter of which energetically embraces the flashy party scene for the night. Another disco-infused and fun tune is ‘Unstoppable Fever,’ on which the singer proclaims that he wants to leave everything behind, and break free from his everyday existence.

‘Feels So Good’ ends on an interesting mix of R&B, dance and EDM with the tunes, ‘You Make Me Feel Mighty Real (LFB Pop Mix)’ and ‘Made It Look Easy.’ Toscano relays his ease and comfort in dance, especially on the penultimate entry, which is a hypnotic, percussive re-imagining of Sylvester’s hit 1978 disco-R&B single, ‘You Make Me Feel Mighty Real.’

The eleven tracks on ‘Feel So Good’ are a perfect reflection of Toscano’s style as a singer-songwriter. He naturally knew how to create a feel good experience for his listeners with both unapologetically pop and dance tunes, as well as more heartfelt songs that contend with such heavier themes as the the loss of love and heartbreak. Since the Bay Area artist wrote all the lyrics and melodies on his full-length debut album, they’re a clear reflection of where he has come from, both personally and as an artist.

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Xavier Toscano's dance pop abum, 'Feels So Good'
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