"Black Magic" by N.ave
“Black Magic” by N.ave

Based in Philadelphia, PA, N.ave (pronounced Nave) is an outspoken and stylish rapper and producer. His new EP Black Magic has a keen sense of language and wordplay that makes him unique in the genre. N.ave also has a worthwhile political and social point-of-view that seems to be lacking in today’s popular hip-hop, aside from artists like Kendrick Lamar, of course. Nevertheless, N.ave has a way with words and production and it really shows with the new EP.

“For the people listening: I hope you enjoy. I put everything into my work,” said N.ave in a statement. “’Black Magic’ highlights that people are not who they are. The songs show how people change and how I change to accomplish goals.”

The release begins with “Dead Roses,” which has a great flow and lyrically clever and wit with a sweet hook from singer T. Nayah. N.ave has a wonderful sense of retro hip-hop from the mid-2000s, like something akin to early Kanye West or Lupe Fiasco.

Gravity” features a steady beat that will keep you bobbing your head throughout with N.ave’s knack for playful and meaningful style, lyrics, and production value, especially in the way it ends. The track also features rapper IDK, who is a bit rough around the edges, but it lends to its charm, as he almost seems he could fit in with The Pharcyde as their fifth member.

N.ave almost changes hip-hop styles in “Dosumdiffrint,” which has an interesting hybrid of early 80s New Wave with today’s modern “mumble” rap sound like Migos or Lil’ Pump, but more thoughtful and witty. Not many hip-hop recording artists are that versatile with a clean production by NOSHADOWBEATS.

The EP ends with the track “Black Magic (City of Dreams),” which is smart and provocative, as a statement of intent from N.ave as a rapper and producer. The track also features clean layers that will keep a listener on their toes as it unfolds and opens minds.

Over, the Black Magic is a fine display of N.ave’s skill on the page, in the recording booth, and behind a sound board. He’s a true talent with a skillful flow and an ear for style and layers. It’s a really good one you should really check out.

Songs: B+
Technical: A-
Overall: A-

For more info on N.ave, visit his Facebook and SoundCloud pages. Listen to Black Magic on Spotify NOW!!

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"Black Magic" by N.ave

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