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Social Casino: All Ins And Outs Of The Industry


Social Casino: All Ins And Outs Of The Industry

For everyone interested in the casino industry and its transformations, there is one recent phenomenon to be discussed in more detail and this is a social casino. Out of all gaming solutions of the recent times, this very type of online gambling does definitely stand out owing to its extreme efficiency and users’ appreciation. However, how come these games are so popular today and how to develop such? That is what we are going to find out in the article.

To begin with, let us briefly define the very term of social casino and what it implies. Basically, it means poker games online with an opportunity to engage in communications with peers on the same platform. So, these poker solutions are usually developed on the separate platform online. It is worth mentioning that these solutions become more and more popular among the software developers as they tend to bring more traffic and thus business results.

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What Makes Social Casino So Special?

When it comes to the specific features which these gambling solutions possess, these do differ in principle from those of the traditional ones. One of the main differences would probably be that there is no real gain in these games and thus the people’s motives to play them are not connected to financial benefit. These are rather the needs of socialization and some quality time with friends in the virtual space.

So, below we have gathered some of the key determinants for the social casinos:

* brand new quality of gaming production: as compared to other gaming solutions, this particular type has to offer more interesting plots and improved graphics. Thus, players become more and more engaged in the games themselves as they highly appreciate the quality behind them;

* more active users: it appears from the recent researches on the topic that people engaging in social games do this more often and for rather long sessions. For game developers it poses a great opportunity to grow their businesses through the fast-growing niche;

* different motivation to play: as we have mentioned before, players of the social games are there not for money or the victory as such but rather for the victory against their friends or this very virtual acknowledgment of the achievement in the game. It has to be properly considered by the game developers.


All in all, the fast-developing and constantly growing industry of online gambling presents huge opportunities for businesses. And it would be stupid to miss them. In order not to, one should definitely find responsible and experienced game developers which would satisfy both customers’ and business’s needs which is not an easy task in its very essence.

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