Quotations have already become a part of our speech and writing. We use them without even noticing and thinking about that. It is not surprising at all. A straight-to-the-point quote can help one express his idea more explicitly and support his thoughts with easy-to-grasp evidence.


Using quotes in our speech is a fairly common phenomenon. Being the literal and accurate expression of famous people, authors, other authoritative speakers of thoughts on various topics, quotes are considered to be highly influential and authoritative. There is a set of quotations everyone of us knows by heart and uses in his everyday speaking. However, if you need to extend your vocabulary and find a new catchy quote, there are many different services, such as citatis, covering a wide variety of cool quotations for your citing. All the citations are logically grouped and sorted out, so it will not be a problem for you to navigate the website.

Reasons for Using Quotations

Using quotations is just a great idea. They make your speech more sophisticated and straight to the point. These are some of the reasons to start using quotations in your everyday speech:

  • they help you express your thoughts easily;
  • they establish the evidence base for everything you say;
  • they make you look smart and erudite;
  • the help you highlight and distinguish the main idea you want to prove.

Quotations in Journalism

Quotes are especially popular in the field of journalism. They do not only emphasize the importance of utterances. With the help of quotes, there is an emotional impact on the reader. If you study texts of a scientific style, then quotes play a different role in them. They illustrate your idea in the text, make it softer in reading for both readers and listeners. In the artistic style of writing texts, quotations are most often used to convey the words of the main characters of famous stories and works. With the help of quotations, we can imagine the appearance of the hero, learn a lot of interesting things about his character and behavior. Quotes help us understand the emotional state of people being cited. Those phrases and expressions that are inherent in the characters in quotations help us to make a detailed portrait of the character.

All in all, quotations play an important role in both your speaking and writing. The application of quotes makes the text more intense, interesting, and fun to read. With the help of quotes, the usual dry text can convey us some emotions, cause us all sorts of impressions.

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