Most movie fans are always looking for something that connects them with their passion. Whether it is collecting memorabilia or chatting about it on social media, the love for films crosses across borders and languages. So, when it comes to innovative ideas that can strengthen the bond between a fan and films, online games act as the perfect bridge.

Online games have in recent years gathered a significant following amongst all types of people. With the convenience of playing from home and the availability of games on all mobile devices. Moreover, with technological advancements, online games remain as social as their land-based counterparts, the craze for online games has reached new levels.

For a movie fan though, there is nothing like playing an online game based around their favorite film, and here are the essential ones you must give a try.

Terminator 2

It seems there’s no stopping the Terminator as he keeps coming back to us in one form or another. With a new movie possibly in the works, Terminator fans will be happy to know that the Terminator 2 video slot is a delight to play. Winning at Terminator 2, a 5-reel slot with 243 ways to win, leads to free spins and the opportunity to walk away with some cool cash.

The Dark Knight

Featuring one of the best performances ever by Heath Ledger, The Dark Knight remains a fan favorite when it comes to Batman movies. No doubt then that this online game is equally popular with players. Best of all is the entertainment factor and that we get to see the Joker, Batman, Commissioner Gordon, and even the pretty Rachel Dawes pop up on the screen with every spin.

Planet of the Apes

A unique online game that includes not one, but two movies. Based on the latest installment of the franchise, both Dawn of the Apes and Rise of the Apes combine to form what is basically two games in one. Characters from the two movies are featured on their respective sides. Although the chances of winning are double in this slot, it might be a little complex for beginners.

Hollywood and the online gaming industry have long worked together to provide their audiences with entertainment that is worth every cent. With a range of new movies releasing every month, as well as a catalog of classics on hand, the one thing we are guaranteed is that the future of cinema-themed online games is only getting brighter day by day.

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