Chuck Zito in Honor Amongst Men
Actor Chuck Zito stars in director Fred Carpenter’s action thriller, ‘Honor Amongst Men.’

The high tension that’s arising between a motorcycle gang and police officers is leading to a life-or-death war in New York. The threatening and hostile environment between the two sides of the law is being highlighted in the official trailer for the upcoming film, ‘Honor Amongst Men.’

The drama was directed by Fred Carpenter, and written by Matt Morillo and Edward C. Wahl, with additional material written by actor Chuck Zito. In addition to Zito, the action thriller also stars Robert Clohessy, Joan Jett, Ed Asner, Vincent Pastore, Kevin Brown and Francis Leik. The movie screened at last month’s Long Island International Film Expo, ahead of its official release.

‘Honor Amongst Men’ is set in a day in the life of John Halmo (Clohessy), a veteran New York police officer who is trying to juggle his turbulent home life, the daily stresses of his job and the apparent inevitable biker war that’s about to engulf his hometown. While struggling through a particularly tough day, he finds himself on a collision course with Frank LaCarver (Zito), the leader of the violent biker gang, Satans Few, who is obsessed with avenging the murder of his brother. The two men come from different sides of the tracks, with different missions, but have one thing in common: an old fashioned code of honor, respect and loyalty.

For more information on ‘Honor Amongst Men,’ visit the drama’s Facebook page.

'Honor Amongst Men' Official Movie Trailer
'Honor Amongst Men' Official Movie Trailer

The official trailer for director Fred Carpenter's action thriller, 'Honor Amongst Men,' which stars Chuck Zito, Robert Clohessy, Joan Jett, Ed Asner, Vincent Pastore, Kevin Brown and Francis Leik.

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