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UCLA Shrink: Alki David Accuser Already Damaged by 7-foot Tall Monster Dad


UCLA Shrink: Alki David Accuser Already Damaged by 7-foot Tall Monster Dad

In a stunning day of testimony, in which both of Allred Maroko & Goldberg’s witnesses literally blew up in their faces, a short term friend of the plaintiff admitted to extensive coaching by Nathan Goldberg, and a handsomely paid shrink made clear that a previous Plaintiff’s witness, Jake Weisman, was coached to lie

The day started with Judge T.A. Greene, a teddy bear of a guy, with an eccentric art collection lining his walls, giving Allred Maroko & Goldberg partner Nathan Goldberg a very detailed walk through on how to be a lawyer. It was a long lecture, Lawyering 101 if you will, and clearly very embarrassing for Goldberg, who was sweating through his cheap suit.

Next came a witness, Sara Schaefer, a friend of plaintiff Lauren “Beefeater” Reeves for 18 months at the time of her employment at FilmOn. Sara talked a lot about Lauren’s dog Percy and about her excessive drinking–a bottle of Beefeater’s gin a day by Reeve’s own admission. Sara also an aspiring comedian (The Arsenio Hall Show) talked alot about how she couldn’t remember much of what happened in 2016, and that extensive coaching from Nathan Goldberg, including over lunch the day before testifying “helped” her remember. So much for that witnesses’ credibility.

After that came Dr. Cindy Buf Meyer a shrink associated with UCLA (though maybe not for long after bosses read how she disgraced herself for cash in this courtroom). Meyer is also part of the Institute of Contemporary Psychotherapists, which seems to be a clearing house of expert witnesses for hire, and also calls herself an “Emotional Detective.” (She’s not exactly Sherlock Holmes or even a Magnum P.I., her janky little website is full of Peanuts cartoons).

On display today were Meyer’s notes–which the flaky Oberlin grad said she took sometimes and not other times–though many were mysteriously redacted by Nathan Goldberg for purposes of the trial.

Meyer talked about how Reeves’ 7-foot tall gold miner dad would whip her with a belt 3-4 times a month when she was growing up in Alaska, and how he once dragged her out of school by her hair into a bar and had a drunk lumberjack hack off her hair with an axe on the pool table. Mom was not much better: Reeves told Meyer how Ma caught her stealing cream cheese and basically never spoke to her again. (Weird–can you even get bagels in Alaska?)

Meyer also talked about how Reeves had had an abusive boyfriend called T.J. who beat her, emotionally tortured her, and threatened to kill her. After leaving him finally, she gained 60 pounds and began her habit of drinking an entire bottle of Beefeater’s gin a day.

When Venable attorney Ellyn Garofolo took over examining Meyer it became clear that Allred Maroko & Goldberg are a major part of her livelihood.

“Do you expect to get paid for your time in court today?” Garofolo said.

“I certainly hope so,” said Meyer.

“How much?” asked Garofolo.

“I don’t know,” said Meyer. “But I certainly hope to get paid.”

Meyer all but admitted her pay for her testimony would be dependent on how helpful it was to the Goldberg’s client.

Well, it wasn’t.

Under Garofolo’s intensely logical and organized questioning (in contrast to Goldberg’s limp posturing), Meyer admitted many many things. First: Reeve’s trauma from being abused by a 7-foot tall monster of a father in the Alaskan tundra was never treated in any way, and would certainly cause lifelong damage. Second: Reeve’s Mother’s abandonment over a meer schmear of cream cheese would also do permanent damage (and was likely a cause of her OCD and bulimia) Three: TJ’s abuse of Reeves and her belief he might kill her was also untreated trauma that could lead to a state of extreme paranoia.

Garofolo also revealed through examining Meyer that she is a professional witness at the beck and call of Allred Maroko & Goldberg. Not only has she served as a paid head shrinker and expert witness for the firm over 30 times, the firm paid for Reeve’s therapy appointments over a three year period.

Nathan Goldberg referred Reeves to his trusty and possibly corrupt shrink immediately after Reeves hired him. (Read more about this sick cul-de-sac of law and academia here in Harvard Magazine.)

Also–get this!–Meyer never did a single standardized psychological test of Reeves, even though they are standard practice and understood to be beneficial in her field. Not for the PTSD she claims Reeves had. Not for depression. Nothing.

But wait–here’s the money shot.

Last week plaintiff’s witness Jake Weisman, the director of the movie “Cum Ghost” (not kidding), added a last minute flourish to his testimony after having lunch with Goldberg at the courthouse minutes before. He added that Alki David choked Reeves in the middle of the day on Canon Drive in Beverly Hills and said he wanted to “violently fuck her”. This was new to everyone in the courtroom–including to Reeves who had a very different account in her testimony. Alki David was so pissed off he yelled that Weisman was lying and left.

Meyers supported David’s assertion by testifying today that Reeves never described being choked by David, never said anything he did caused her to be short of breath in anyway, and never told him David said vile things to her as Wiesman stated.

Meyers has sealed Weisman the Cum Ghost’s fate: he’ll go down for perjury, and likely his coach, Nathan Goldberg will go down with him.

At the end of the day Meyer made excuses about why she couldn’t come back and face more of Garofolo’s surgical evisceration. Meyer may or may not reconsider whether getting in bed with Nathan Goldberg and his disgraced partner, Harvey Weinstein-cover-up-artist Gloria Allred is lucrative enough to be worth the damage to her soul, but UCLA may reconsider whether having such a cheap con artist on staff is good for it’s name.

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