A hard day at work requires a great way to unwind, and there is no better way than watching your favorite TV program or a movie. There are ways that you can choose to watch TV at home or elsewhere – either by paying for it or for free. The following are some cheap ways that are available to enable you to watch and enjoy your leisure time.

1) Satellite TV

Satellite TV providers offer the best experience for home entertainment. There are, however, some that are too costly and not the best go-to when you are tight on a budget. There are companies such as catv.org that offer affordable rates and various packages to choose from that favor your pocket.

Ordering for a package online will earn you a waiver, and you do not have to pay the activation fee. The packages you get depend on the number of channels you want to watch and the amount you wish to pay. The beauty of it all is that you can stream live any movie with any package you subscribe to even when far from home through your phone or computer.

2) Streaming

Technology is easing things, and the entertainment world has not lagged. There are options to watch your favorite TV shows and movies for free or pay. The free ones include Pluto TV and Sony’s Crackle, which you view from your smartphone, tablet, or TV.

YouTube is another option, but finding full TV shows with their episodes is tiring. There are other free options on Google, but you have to be careful as some are illegal and are not safe for your devices. The paid ones include Netflix, Hulu, Philo, SlingTV, among others.

3) Watch For Free

If paying for TV or movies is out of reach for you, some good news for you, there are free options. They may not give you the thrill you get from paid-for programs, but they are better than nothing. You can subscribe to free trials from sites such as DirectTV, SlingTV that offer a seven days trial and Hulu and Netflix for one month.
If after the trial period you do not intend to pay, you can unsubscribe to avoid incurring charges. Another way to watch for free is by getting a family member or friend to share their logins to paid sites. You can share with them on accounts such as Hulu, which allow up to five profiles and HBO Now.

App stores such as Google Play and iTunes have free TV programs you can try out. You can download on your phone, computer, or tablet, but the selections are not vast. If your library has subscriptions from sites such as Kanopy and Hoopla Digital, you can use your library card and email address to watch for free.

4) Cable TV For Free

Cable TV offers different prices to choose from, but if you wish to watch for free, there are legitimate ways to do so. You can use an HDTV antenna, which unlike the former TV antennas it offers various local channels with better broadcasting signals. Depending on your location and antenna, you can watch as many as over 100 TV channels for free.

You can use a directional antenna by pointing it towards one direction or an Omni-directional antenna that receives signals from all directions horizontally. Outdoor and indoor antennas are another way to watch cable TV for free. The indoor one is suitable if you stay near broadcasting towers and outdoor ones work in rural or places far from the towers.

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