A press conference on the station steps fizzled as Allred had to admit her client Mahim Khan didn’t have any evidence to file a bogus complaint against Alki David

Gloria Allred attempted to use the Beverly Hills Police Department for a PR stunt for her client Mahim Khan. The police laughed her out of the station. Here she demonstrates proper body cavity search technique.

The morning was buzzing with what sounded like Geraldo Rivera opening Al Capone’s vault–but like that stunt, Gloria Allred’s visit to the Beverly Hills Police Station ended in embarrassment. Her aim was to file a criminal complaint in the case of Mahim Khan, alleging who knows what against her former employer Alki David. Khan won a civil case against David last week with such a ludicrous amount — $58 million — in damages, after a case in which no testimony or witnesses or evidence was allowed for the defense, it will be known in the future as the moment MeToo “jumped the shark.”

According to NBC, Allred and Khan were sent away from the Beverly Hills Police Station after they scoffed at her lack of evidence. Allred had trumpeted the visit with an early morning press release promising fireworks. In the end she had to step out with her bushy tail between her legs.

“It turns out,” Gloria Allred told the small group of reporters who had been bamboozled into showing up. “To file a criminal complaint you actually have to have evidence. In a civil case you don’t, obviously, especially at L.A. Superior Court.”

Khan wept on cue.

“It’s hard to understand what she was going for,” a lawyer with knowledge of the case told NBC. “Allred clearly wanted more attention. She must be very worried about the coming appeal.”

“I think she got cold feet,” Alki David speculated by phone today. “She didn’t seem to mind perjuring herself in court, or the fact that though she claims to be a good Muslim, she lied like crazy in the eyes of Allah. But I think facing actual cops who know criminals when they see them, she realized she had finally gone too far.”

David has been fighting a web of connected lawsuits headed by Gloria Allred and her bewigged daughter Lisa Bloom. They were all concocted after an attorney leaked the terms of a sealed settlement. (Both Allred and Bloom have gleefully violated the privacy of both parties in that settlement many times). Khan was caught lying on the stand in the recent trial, as were her star witnesses, failed rapper Lush One and his wife Helen Davis, both who worked briefly as contractors at FilmOn and who were fired for incidents involving guns and embezzlement. A Connecticut police report also shows Khan also threatened one of Alki David’s witnesses, saying, “It would be awful if something happened to your baby.” (Read more about that here.)

David challenged Khan to a public polygraph test. In fact he took a third party polygraph test during the Elizabeth Taylor trial and passed it perfectly. Though Judge Christopuer Lui wouldn’t admit the test into evidence, David beat Bloom and Taylor 8-4 in what was ruled a mistrial.

Here’s the complete statement from Alki David on Allred’s failed PR stunt:

“Gloria Allred and Mahim Khan don’t realize they just made a huge mistake with this stunt. I expected these criminals (who were caught lying and cheating during the trial) to screw up now that they’ve been emboldened by this broken and biased legal system–but I didn’t expect them to set themselves up in such a stupid way. Now we’re that much closer to exposing them.

“Allred and her daughter, Harvey Weinstein buddy Lisa Bloom, are desperate to avoid the truth coming out about their clients’ linked schemes to extort me, their fabricated evidence and the gaping holes in their stories. Why were they so afraid to let me or any of my witnesses testify in the Khan trial? Let’s settle this now: I challenge their client to a public polygraph test. Let’s do it live on TV. I have nothing to hide–do you, Ms. Khan?”

(Editor’s Note: Allred’s quote is paraphrased in the spirit of Adam Schiff paraphrasing Donald Trump’s Ukraine phone call. In truth the reporters on the scene were too embarrassed for her to write down her exact words.)

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