Heavy-speed-thrash metal band, Rabid Flesh Eaters releases its single, ‘Demons Within.’

Band: Rabid Flesh Eaters; Members: Ricky Wilson: vocals; Mike Taylor: guitars; John Hill: bass; and AJ Tate: drums

Single: ‘Demons Within’

Unleashing wildly epic sentiments is a powerful rite of passage for musicians as they set out to share their most intimate emotions with not only the people who are closest to them, but also the world. That legendary journey is presented on veteran thrash metal band, Rabid Flesh Eaters’ latest eight-track album, ‘R.F.E.’ The Arlington, Texas-based quartet is set to release one of the songs from the record, ‘Demon Within,’ as a single on April 11. The intense, fiery tune is influenced by, and dedicated to, their legendary metal comrades, Rigor Mortis, who also hail from the Lone Star State.

Also influenced by such classic heavy metal groups as Black Sabbath, Slayer and Pantera, Rabid Flesh Eaters instantly infuses its upcoming single with its signature aggressive, sonic sound. The band is further proving that it’s worthy of its continuously expanding influence in the metal genre with the rabid, relentless and aggressive nature of ‘Demon Within.’ Building on the momentum of their 2016 album, ‘Reign of Terror,’ their latest high-voltage song continues to build their dynamic strength and heart pounding impact. The progressive thrash-speed metal track is a visceral homage to Rigor Mortis, particularly fallen musicians, guitarist Mike Scaccia (1965-2012) and Bruce Corbitt (1962-2019).

‘Demons Within,’ which serves as a focal track on Rabid Flesh Eaters’ upcoming self-titled record, enthrallingly tackles the dark reality that the demons everyone needs to conquer aren’t external, but rather the ones they hide within. Guided by frenzied guitars riffs and drum beats, which expertly echo the chaos of the overall tune, vocalist Ricky Wilson growls about his battle of the demons in his souls. He also intensely questions what it costs to lose control, as he feels the demons within him.

Unleashing legendary thoughts is a compelling rite of passage for musicians as they set out to share their most intimate emotions with not only the people who are closest to them, but also the world. That dynamic journey is presented on Rabid Flesh Eaters’ dynamic latest single, ‘Demons Within.’ The profound tune, especially its superior production value, effortlessly shows the complexity in the quartet’s vocal and instrumental range. The musicians prove their deep knowledge, experience and affection for thrash and speed metal with the song, which will surely garner the group new fans.

For more information on Rabid Flesh Eaters, visit the band’s Facebook, Twitter, CD Baby and ReverbNation pages.

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