A promotional image for Avail Entertainment’s Avail TV channel.

Dedicated filmmakers and devoted movie fans around the world are always looking for the latest way to connect over, and share, their passion. Avail Entertainment is now offering a new way for the film community to further connect through its innovative platform, the Avail TV channel. To help promote the new channel, ShockYa is exclusively premiering a television spot that highlights Avail TV’s benefits .

The Avail TV channel is available to download for free on Roku, Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV. The channel adds new content, including feature films, documentaries and television shows, every day.

Avail Entertainment offers two options for distribution deals to filmmakers, sales agents and distributors who are interested in working with the Avail TV channel. The first option is a direct distribution deal on Avail TV, while the second option is a world-wide all media agreement for release to other major distribution outlets. In addition to sharing their work, filmmakers are also able to connect with their colleagues, and gain access to high-quality tools, on the Avail TV channel.

For more information on Avail TV, visit Avail Film’s official website.

ShockYa's Exclusive Avail TV TV Spot
ShockYa's Exclusive Avail TV TV Spot

ShockYa is premiering an exclusive television spot for Avail Entertainment's channel, Avail TV.

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