There’s a lot to love about movies, the iconic styles being one of them. While costumes largely go unnoticed, the right looks can really transport you into the movie and make you feel like you’re part of the story.

That said, some looks have become so iconic that they’ve gone on to symbolize the movie itself. In fact, The Age of Adaline even released a fashion featurette alongside the film’s other trailers. Read on below for our roundup of iconic movie looks from the past decade.

The blue jumpsuits from Booksmart

Image credit: The New York Times

The navy blue jumpsuits worn by best friends Amy and Molly have since become a legendary look in their own right. After all, they’re perfect symbols of the film’s portrayal of these best friends as funny, independent, and simply badass women. The original jumpsuits were bought from thrift stores in LA, but this powder blue boiler suit from ASOS is a close enough dupe. To really nail this Booksmart look, pair the jumpsuit with your favorite sneakers. You can also get a matching one for your best friend to really get in character.

Mia Dolan’s yellow dress in La La Land

Image credit: Fashionista

This particular movie sees Mia (played by Emma Stone) dressed up in the most stunning vintage dresses, but her floral yellow dress really represents the movie’s Hollywood glamor. It’s no wonder that thousands of women have since been looking for their own yellow dress, and this sunny bodice dress on Woman Within fits the bill. The fitted bodice provides an interesting contrast to the flowy mid-length skirt, which is perfect as the key to mastering Mia’s look is finding dresses that flow with you. La La Land showed us that dresses are meant to be lived in — and even danced in!

The purple uniforms in The Grand Budapest Hotel

Image credit: IndieWire

Wes Anderson is known for his visually appealing movies, and The Grand Budapest Hotel is one of his most famous. While the film is known for its pastel pink hues, the purple hotel uniforms are also instantly recognizable. Modcloth’s deep purple soda fountain dress is a good substitution for the bellhop uniform, and it also marries the iconic purple hue with the silhouette of the dreamy and romantic dresses that Agatha (Saoirse Ronan) wears. Pair this with a camel coat for a true Wes Anderson look.

Pretty much everything in Crazy Rich Asians

Image credit: Vulture

Crazy Rich Asians was a blockbuster hit when it came out, particularly for the Asian community who finally felt represented in Hollywood. It also helps that the movie is full of eye-catching looks, and practically every character has their own signature look. Constance Wu’s light blue Marchesa dress made her the equivalent of a modern-day Cinderella, with lots of tulle and fabric rosettes. The dress has become so famous that Marchesa has decided to donate it to the National Museum of American History to be commemorated for years to come.

As we look to another decade of great films, here’s hoping that we’re treated to even more great looks on the silver screen

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