Could this mean economic salvation for struggling SoCal farmers during the pandemic?

A groundbreaking cannabis business venture will debut at the famous market Sunday, dispensing top quality hemp seeds and cash loans to farmers and enrolling in Swissx’s cooperative farming program

One of SoCal’s best kept secrets, the Malibu Farmers Market, is hosting the global debut of the Swissx Hemp Exchange on Sunday. The booth will explain, promote and recruit for Swissx’s cooperative farming program, which provides high quality CBD-only hemp seeds to farmers and partners with them on growing tips and the purchase of their crop. Farmers large and small are encouraged to come to apply for cash loans for equipment and to sign up to receive Swissx premium seed.

The Malibu Farmers market was named by Goop as the best farmers market in the L.A. area and is known for having the absolute best fresh local organic food available in an atmosphere that is never over crowded, always chic.

The Malibu Farmers Market has been praised for its handling of the COVID-19 crisis and it’s managing to support local farmers and customers safely. Some celebrities known to frequent the market include Courtney Cox, Jason Strathan, Sergey Brin, The Edge and Gwyneth Paltrow.

“I think people should stay home and be safe, but if you need to go out and shop I think the farmers market is the safest place,” Malibu Farmers Market Director Debra Bianco said. “People came out and they respected it. They came, they shopped and they left.”

Swissx CBD products will also be available to try and buy at the booth. Many celebrities have attended Swissx events around town, including Scott Disick, Chris Brown, Tommy Chong, Chief Keef, Donatella Versace, Jonathan Rhys Myers, Sting, Snoop Dogg and Pamela Anderson.

The exchange is the brainchild of Malibu resident Alki David, the tech and cannabis mogul who has been renovating his $30 million mansion in the Colony. Swissx’s headquarters is in Gstaad, Switzerland which is also home to the Swissx Bank of Cannabis, a cryptocurrency called Swissx Coin, and the Hemp Exchange. The Coin is the first cryptocurrency tied to the global price of hemp, and the exchange allows investors to buy and sell hemp futures. The Bank also serves to pay farmers for their crops. Thousands of acres have been planted in the cooperative farming program in Puerto Rico and in Southern California according to Rolling Stone.

Alki David has also become a diplomat for the country of Antigua and proudly flies the Antiguan flag at his Malibu house. The cooperative farming program is kicking off in the Caribbean nation now, with plans for a joint venture with the University of Antigua’s School of Health for research into plant-based medicines, and a clinic and spa nearby.

Swissx seed is a proprietary genetically modified strain created by Swissx’ Chief Geneticist Olaf Olafson and are widely known as the purest form of CBD available. Olafson also cloned Alki David’s Doberman Vader before he died, and now new Vader can be seen patrolling the Colony beach.

“Congratulations to the CIty of Malibu for building such a lovely farmers market,” said Alki David. “I can’t think of a better place on earth for our Hemp Exchange to go live and to spread the love among my neighbors and friends. Debra Bianco is a wonderful partner as we expand this opportunity for local farmers. As always, we’re doing it ‘For the Higher Good.’’

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