Now you can get farm fresh hemp along with the best produce and other farm goods in the region, and learn about Swissx’s innovative, sustainable cooperative farming program

Everyone is looking for new ways to stay healthy, and we all know that caring about what we consume, and where it comes from, is high up on the list. Visitors to the Malibu Farmers Market can now meet the team behind the purest hemp products in person, and learn about the way they can help local farmers create a new path toward both financial and environmental sustainability. (The market is open, rain or shine, every Sunday from 10 am to 3 pm).

“Share in the harvest!” shouted Malibu resident Alki David, 52, on his first day at the market last week. David founded Swissx after learning about all the health benefits of hemp being studied, from relieving anxiety and depression to help with epilepsy, eczema and even M.S. His crops are harvested to maximize CBD, the compound in hemp that has the healthy, anti-inflammatory powers, and only the smallest trace amounts of THC.

“We want all these beautiful people to know how easy it is to feel good,” said David, “And we want the farmers here to know how easy it is to get started growing this crop that is quite literally changing the world.”

To prove it, Swissx is offering free seeds to farmers with as little as two acres to plant, with guarantees to buy back the harvest. Swissx, through its own cryptocurrency-backed bank, will also loan money for supplies on a micro-loan model. The cooperative farming program has already broken ground on 50 acres in the Malibu area, and thousands of acres have been planted with struggling farmers in Puerto Rico whose farms were devastated by resent hurricanes. See the seeds and learn everything you need to know about growing hemp at the market.

To make sure the people of Malibu also get to sample its farm fresh health products, Swissx is offering a discount code to Malibu Farmers Market friends for its brand new monthly subscription boxes. Each month an array of prerolls, oils and other exciting CBD products will come to your door. Just go to and use the code MFM20 to get 20% off.

The Malibu Farmers Market has been called L.A.’s best kept secret by Goop, and TMZ has featured it saying it’s the safest market during pandemic times. More info at:

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