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TikTok’s Animal Whisperer, Leylaaq, Hits 1.5 Million Followers (Exclusive Interview)


TikTok’s Animal Whisperer, Leylaaq, Hits 1.5 Million Followers (Exclusive Interview)

She rescues birds, lives on the beach, and has had over 55 million likes on the platform: What drives LeylaQ?

One of TikTok’s breakout hits of 2020 has been Leylaaq, the beautiful lover of animals who brings rescued birds new life at her house on the beach in Malibu and who seeks out justice and aid for animals all over the world. We spoke with Leylaaq (socially distanced of course!) to find out what has inspired 1.5 million fans to follow her on TikTok, and how animals inspire her.

What is your first important memory about animals?

I remember always being empathetic toward animals from a young age. I lived on a farm so I was always around animals.

How many pets did you have as a kid?

I had about 8 animals growing up.

Did you ever have a really sad experience with an animal when you were young?

My worst memories with my pets was losing them, whether it was death or them running away.

What was the first animal you rescued?

I rescued many cats growing up.

You’ve been called an “Animal Whisperer.” How do you think this gift came to you?

Animals and I naturally gravitate towards one another which is a blessing. I think it’s because I don’t fear them and I also respect them so they will reciprocate.

How many birds do you have right now? Tell us a bit about each one.

I currently have 4 parrots. Leo was my first and he talks the most. He’s very sweet and likes to sing. Charlie is my blue and green Macaw. He is very grumpy, but also sweet with me. Athena is our only girl. She’s a sassy little lady. She also picks up new words easily. Mars is my Scarlett Macaw who lived in a shelter for 5 years. He’s my sweet boy. He likes to pretend he’s tough but he’s a huge baby. Unfortunately, he has anxiety and tends to pluck his chest feathers.

Which one is your favorite?

I don’t have a favorite. I love them all equally. I am crazy about all of them.

I know from Tiktok that crazy things happen at your house everyday. What’s something funny that has happened recently?

When the door to the aviary is open, the birds like to venture into the house. With cats and birds flying around it’s always entertaining.

Is it true you live with a cloned dog in your house? What’s that like?

Yes, Vader is a biological clone. It’s still very surreal to me, especially when I look at him. I love him so much.

What’s the most dramatic rescue you’ve done? An animal that everyone thought was a goner but you nursed it back to good health.

I found a seagull on the beach that I swore had passed away and kept it in a box with towels overnight and found it breathing in the morning. we’ve also found a shark that needed to be thrown back.

Whats the funniest thing your birds say? How do you keep your boyfriend from teaching them to say bad things?

Leo likes to speak with a British accent. It’s hilarious. I tell my boyfriend constantly to not swear in front of the birds. Thankfully they haven’t picked it up….yet.

Are there any other TikTok accounts that feature animal lovers that you want to give a shout out to?

There’s so many TikTok users who dedicate their lives to animals, it’s not easy at all so I respect and admire their selflessness.

You live on the beach–do the birds like the ocean air when you bring them out?

They love looking at the ocean. Birds see colors more vividly so they always get excited.

What is the single most important thing you’ve learned from animals?

I’ve learned how to be selfless. Everything I do is for them and they’ve taught me unconditional love from a young age. I’m very fortunate to have them in my life.

Follow Leylaaq on Tiktok here.

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