In a strange twist during a strange week, iPhone users who asked about the current president were given facts about the Democratic VP candidate

It was on again off again, but on Sunday, iPhone users who asked Siri certain questions were given a very telling answer. Amid allegations that big media and big tech have been conspiring to keep President Trump down, Apple seems to have revealed bias toward the Biden-Harris ticket, something that may even amount to fraud.

California user and TikTok star @LeylaaQ shared this video with Shockya:

“How old is the President, Siri?” she asks.

“Kamala Harris was born…..” Siri begins.

Multiple theories are at work on this: chief among them is that Apple knew the election had been engineered to make sure Biden and Harris won over Trump, exposing its own work behind the scenes. A darker theory outlined in Newsweek says the Tech Cabal, which has long been cozy with Harris in California, knows Biden is not healthy, and will not last long into his first term before Radical Harris is elevated to Top Dog.

The Media is also not widely spreading word of some world leader’s distrust of the election results, such as Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador’s decision to not congratulate Biden until the election results are fully certified. Brazil’s President, Jair Bolsonaro, who is often referred to as “the Trump of the Tropics,” has also kept silent about Biden’s victory. President Xi Jinping of China has not commented, nor has President Recep Tayyip Erdo?an of Turkey. Needless to say Russia’s Vladimir Putin — who Trump congratulated even when his staff frantically held up signs saying, “Do Not Congratulate!” has not called to congratulate Biden either.

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