The only place to get informed is Newsmax, streaming now on FilmOn TV

So Fox has gone soft. From the moment it called Arizona, before any other news outlet, we knew it was all over. Clearly Rupert Murdoch is just blowing with the wind and thinks siding with Biden and Harris, just because they won the popular vote, is going to be a better investment. If you have true patriotic values, you’re disgusted, and won’t watch Fox anymore.

But where to turn? Newsmax is the best choice. The Florida-based Network launched early in the decade and FilmOn TV was the first streaming service to make it available nationwide to people even if they didn’t have a cable subscription. It was FilmOn Founder Alki David’s vision, even then, that the mainstream news and network broadcasters could not be trusted and alternative avenues for finding information needed to be made easily available.

That’s why you’ll find the news in over 30 languages on FilmOn, and hundreds of other channels too. But for now, during this election results crisis, Newsmax is the one. Affectionately known as Trump TV, when anchors like Tom Basile can be trusted and have been praised worldwide for not taking the easy path just because every major news network has called the election for Biden.

Newsmax columnist Michael Dorstewitz has even explained why A.O.C. should be seen as the real facsist.

Back in 2015, when Newsmax just started reaching 65 million new homes via FilmOn, the two company’s CEOs has this to say:

“Providing expanded distribution to Newsmax TV was very exciting for us,” FilmOn Networks CEO Alki David said. “Just as we’ve pushed against convention to deliver content to consumers in the ways they want it, Newsmax has forged its own bond with its audiences, boldly, and without fear of upsetting the status quo.”

“Newsmax TV launched as a digital only channel, and we want to remain ubiquitious on all smart and OTT devices, and this distribution alliance with FilmOn goes a long way toward achieving that goal,” Newsmax Media CEO Christopher Ruddy said.

Newsmax on FilmOn is at:

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