Tech mogul Alki David donated his technology to Electric Noel and Kelly Slater donated a priceless surfboard

It was a new kind of entertainment event–a “Drive Thru Christmas Experience”–put together by David Ruff of DEED Entertainment and Joey Nittolo of the non-profit Save Our Souls. They called it Electric Noel (which runs until Jan. 3) and they knew they needed a finale people would remember though, so they called Malibu neighbor Alki David. He’s the Greek billionaire behind the wellness brand Swissx, the company that created a new entertainment industry Hologram USA and one of the first major streaming TV platform (and still the biggest) He went into action right away sending the Swissx portable hologram stage to Norco, where Electric Noel is, and helped produce the Hologram Santa showing off the surfboard Kelly Slater donated. The one-of-a-kind board was painted by street artist Retna and will be auctioned off.

The whole event helps Save Our Souls (or SoS), a program created by Nittolo to honor his friend the surf legend Andy Irons who died ten years ago after battling mental health issues and addiction. Andy’s brother, Bruce, another surf hero, has just joined the board of SoS.

Hologram USA is known for having developed the technology that brought Tupac Shakur to Coachella and went on to create holograms of Billie Holiday, Jackie Wilson, Chief Keef and Whitney Houston.

KTLA featured Electric Noel and the Hologram Santa as one of the best Christmas experiences in Southern California. Watch here:

Retna is the street artist known for his rune-like murals throughout Los Angeles. He most recently opened a show at London’s prestigious HOFA Gallery. The Kelly Slater/Retna board being given away to benefit SoS is essentially priceless, but minimum estimates on its value by surf and art experts start at $100,000.

“Christmas is all about magic,” said Alki David. “And holograms are kind of the ultimate hi-tech magic trick. I always knew we’d do a Hologram Santa–but when Save Our Souls came to me with their mission to help people struggling with mental health issues–I knew the time had come.”

Swissx is revolutionizing the plant based medicine industry by developing products, building clinics and launching a cooperative farming program, helping struggling agriculture economies around the world to join one of the fastest growing sectors and help their citizens. Swissx cooperative farming programs are active in Antigua, Trinidad, Puerto Rico and California with projects in Australia and Sri Lanka breaking ground in 2021.

Swissx products have been endorsed by Scott Disick of Keeping up with the Kardashians, Donnatella Versace, Tommy Chong, Snoop Dogg and Dave Navarro.

Learn more about Save Our Souls:
Check out Swissx:

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