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Kate Amundsen is Learning That it’s Never too Late to Dream in Donna: Stronger Than Pretty Official Trailer


Kate Amundsen is Learning That it’s Never too Late to Dream in Donna: Stronger Than Pretty Official Trailer

A scene from co-writer-director Jaret Martino’s drama, ‘Donna; Stronger Than Pretty.’

Realizing that it’s never too late to follow and achieve their dreams is one of life’s most important lessons for many people. Actress Kate Amundsen is proving that women can be the most resolute warriors, no matter what circumstances they’re faced with, in order to succeed in her new film, ‘Donna: Stronger Than Pretty.’

Gravitas Ventures is set to distribute the drama On Demand on Tuesday, February 23. In honor of the movie’s upcoming release, the distributor has unveiled the official trailer for the feature.

‘Donna: Stronger Than Pretty’ is based on the true life story of DonnaMarie Martino, who contributed to the film’s story. The drama was co-written by Pat Branch and DonnaMarie’s son, Jaret Martino, who also served as the director and an executive producer. In addition to Amundsen, the drama also stars Catherine Daddario, Sandy Bainum, Steve Barkman, Mikel Butler, Kiera Capitanio, Anthony Coppola, James Cribbins and James Aronson.

Martino has commented that “This Film is dedicated to my loving mother, Donna, whose bravery, sacrifice, smile and heart have shaped the man I am today. (It) was realized to be used as a tool to inspire and empower other families to try to break free of negative conditioning, stereotypes, patterns and cycles. It honors the strength of women all over the world, and hopefully it will also encourage men to acknowledge and share their emotions with the women and children who love them.”

‘Donna: Stronger Than Pretty’ is a romantic tragedy that spans three decades in the life of a gentle young woman, Donna (Amundsen), as she tries to live up to the traditions and expectations of her Italian roots and of the American Dream. That dream becomes a living nightmare and nearly breaks her until she finds the silent force of her inner voice and breaks free from a husband who refuses to be responsible to her, himself, their family or even his own dreams.

'Donna: Stronger Than Pretty' Official Trailer
'Donna: Stronger Than Pretty' Official Trailer

Gravitas Ventures has released the official trailer for co-writer-director Jaret Martino's drama, 'Donna: Stronger Than Pretty,' which stars Kate Amundsen.

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