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The Best Gambling Films You Can Watch on Netflix


The Best Gambling Films You Can Watch on Netflix

Gambling has always been regarded as a risky activity and addictive. But this is enough to catches filmmakers and viewers’ attention alike. Whether it’s about sophisticated mind games like poker, or simple games of luck like bkkslot and roulette, the glitz, drama and glamour of this genre can easily attract anyone.

The good news is that you don’t need to look for expensive resources just to watch these awesome movies. There’s a solid range of these movies available on Netflix. If you wanted to boost your Netflix queue in this thrilling genre, these titles are the best you can find on this convenient streaming platform.


Arguably the most popular casino film you can watch on Netflix right now, ’21’ tells the story of smart student Jim Sturgess, who tries to raise money to get into Harvard medical school. He meets an MIT professor named Micky Rosa, who’s played by Kevin Spacey, and a beautiful Girl, Jill Taylor, who’s played, Kate Bosworth. The two recruit him to be part of the MIT Blackjack team. The group goes to casinos all over the country to play and win blackjack using the card counting strategy. What makes the movie interesting is that it’s based on a true story.

This film was really well-made, and the glitz of Vegas is portrayed effectively. Watch this film if you want to be amazed on how the strategy works and feel its drama.

Jim Sturgess and Kate Bosworth star in director Robert Luketic’s heist film, ’21.’

‘Win It All’

‘Win It All’ is another must-watch film, whether you gamble or not. Being launched in 2017, this is one of the most recent gambling films on Netflix. While the film will not tell strategy in gambling, the story of the movie can hook straight away. ‘Win It All’ is a funny movie, yet a very realistic one. It can even teach you a few things about life.

‘Win It All’ tells the story of a desperate gambler named Eddie, who lost $50,000 that wasn’t his. The money came from a duffel bag that a certain gangster-type man asks him to hold onto while he does a stint in prison. He then meets Eva, a single mother and nurse, which added more spice to the story. This movie has many entertaining sequences you need to watch.

‘The Gambler’

‘The Gambler,’ which stars Mark Wahlberg in the lead role, is a remake of the 1974 James Caan film. Caan played the role of Jim Bennett, a literature professor who also loves to gamble. His character in the film is arrogant and reckless, which is the main reason why his debt keeps piling up. He owed money to a loan shark, who’s also the owner of an underground casino.

Jim, then, develops an interest in one of his students, Amy. She’s a brilliant student who also works part-time at the casino, which Jim regularly visits. Amy’s the last chance he has to save himself and his family. He tries to persuade Amy in his ploy to shave points in a game.


The 1998 British film, which was directed by Mike Hodges, deserves a spot in our list of best gambling movies to watch on Netflix. As the movie title suggests, this isn’t a story of a player. The film instead tells the story of a struggling writer named Jack Manfred, who took a job in a casino as a croupier.

Unlike the past film mentioned in this list, this film doesn’t portray the glamour of the gambling world. Instead, ‘The Croupier’ shows the darker side of it.

Jack never gambles, but he deals cards and is very good at it. He’s also very skilled in manipulating cards. Jack meets a glamorous player named Jani De Villiers, who recruited him on a scheme to cheat the casino. By this time, Jack already had enough of his job, which made him interested in the cheating plot.

The film has shown an impressive style and atmosphere with its intriguing, yet impressive, storyline. It also gives the viewpoint of croupiers in the gambling world.

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