Actor Todd Grinnell appears in ShockYa’s exclusive clip from director Martin Guigui’s thriller, ‘Paradise Cove.’

Sometimes family can cause the most trouble for people as they try to start a new life. Mena Suvari and Todd Grinnell’s married characters are learning that lesson the hard way in the new thriller, ‘Paradise Cove.’ When the spouses inherit a beachfront property from his estranged mother after her death, they also acquire a menacing homeless family that has taken up residence under the house’s porch.

Quiver Distribution is releasing the film today On Demand. In honor of the drama’s distribution, ShockYa is premiering an exclusive clip from the feature, which is titled ‘There You Go Family.’ In the clip, Grinnell’s character, Knox, confronts the group that’s living under his new house, including Bree, who’s played by Kristin Bauer van Straten, and Rodney, who’s portrayed by Scott Anthony Leet, and demands that they leave. But Rodney intensely tells Knox that they’re not ready to depart the property.

‘Paradise Cove’ was written and executive produced by Sherry Klein. The movie was directed by award-winning filmmaker, Martin Guigui (‘Beneath the Darkness,’ ‘The Bronx Bull’).

‘Paradise Cove’ follows a contractor and his wife, Knox and Tracey (Suvari), as they move to Malibu from Detroit to assume ownership of the beachfront that he inherited from his troubled mother. With the help of local workers, the couple begins to fix the house, which sustained damage during a fire. They hope to repair the property enough to be able to sell it and make a profit. But the duo gets more than they bargained for when they begin to be terrorized by Bree, a deranged homeless woman who’s living under the house.

ShockYa's Exclusive Pardise Cove Clip
ShockYa's Exclusive Pardise Cove Clip

ShockYa is premiering an exclusive clip from director Martin Guigui's thriller, 'Paradise Cove,' which is titled 'There You Go Family,' and features actress Kristin Bauer van Straten and actors Todd Grinnell and Scott Anthony Leet.

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