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GEA’s Truth Between the Lies Music Video Review


GEA’s Truth Between the Lies Music Video Review

Singer-songwriter GEA has released her electroacoustic-progressive-alt rock-dream pop single, ‘Truth Between the Lies.’

Artist: GEA; Musician: Chris Birkett: Electronic Drums, Synth Bass, String Bass, Keyboards, Electric Guitars and Synth effects

Music Video: ‘Truth Between the Lies Music;’ Producer: BYNEW; Animator: Raimi Nikkari; Label: Fragity Records

Reflecting on the powerful changes that are currently happening in society, and infusing emotionally timely messages that connect people of all circumstances, is a natural ability that not all musicians possess when they’re creating their new tracks. But the Helsinki, Finland-based singer-songwriter, GEA, is a prime example of being an eclectic musician who effortlessly creates tunes that are relatable to listeners around the world.

The ethereal storyteller is sharing her talents with the music video for her latest electro-infused dream pop single, ‘Truth Between the Lies,’ which was released this weekend by her label, Fragity Records. The haunting song is a perfect reflection on the moral obstacles the world is currently facing, as she proclaims that the truth is an absolute necessity in all aspects of life.

‘Truth Between the Lies’ features atmospheric progressive and alt-rock, EDM and folk instrumentals, including electronic drums, synth bass, keyboards and electric guitars, which drive GEA’s radiant, ethereal vocals. The track features an overall pulsating beat that will surely appeal to fans of electronic and synth-driven rock tunes.

Inspired in part by such musicians as Depeche Mode and Björk, the up-and-coming singer’s latest single chronicles how at times, people resort to doing bad things in order to achieve their goals when they think no one is watching them. The overall narrative is a gripping, telling commentary on how people metaphorically close their eyes when immoral deeds are being committed, especially when those acts benefit them. While money and professional success often provide a false sense of security for many people, the world around them is ultimately impacted by their decisions.

The music video for ‘Truth Between the Lies’ supports GEA’s vital message by featuring powerful, memorable and captivating work from animator Raimi Nikkari. The images feature a person walking aimlessly and fish swimming in circles in black and white. The illustrations perfectly represent how all life on Earth is impacted by humanity’s inclination to engage in immorality and lies to improve its circumstances. But as a result of their thoughtless actions, people become lost in a constant cycle of not being able to accept the truth that’s right in front of them, which prevents them from improving their lives.

Contemplating the influential changes that are now happening in society, and incorporating timely messages that connect people around the world, is a natural ability that not all musicians have as they’re creating their new songs. But GEA, is a prime example of a socially concious singer-songwriter who effortlessly creates tracks that are relatable to listeners from all societies. The message in, and music video for, ‘Truth Between the Lies’ proves what an ethereal storyteller she is, as she proclaims that the truth is an absolute necessity in all aspects of life.

For more information on GEA, visit her official website, as well as her Twitter, Instagram , Spotify, SoundCloud and YouTube pages.

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