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Sarah Booth Assures Daved Wilkins that Accidents Happen in Last Call Exclusive Clip


Sarah Booth Assures Daved Wilkins that Accidents Happen in Last Call Exclusive Clip

Actress Sarah Booth and actor-co-writer-producer Daved Wilkins appear in ShockYa’s exclusive clip, ‘Accidents Happen,’ from co-writer-director-producer Gavin Michael Booth’s drama, ‘Last Call.’

A chance encounter between two strangers has ultimately changed their destinies in the drama, ‘Last Call.’ The strangers’ fates, which are going to be forever intertwined, are being chronicled on screen, as Mill Creek Entertainment is set to distribute the feature on DVD, Blu-ray, Digital and VOD this Tuesday, February 23.

In honor of ‘Last Call’s release, ShockYa is premiering an exclusive clip from the feature. The clip, which is titled ‘Accidents Happen,’ features actor Daved Wilkins and actress Sarah Booth. In the clip, Wilkins’ character, Scott, becomes overwhelmed with grief and anger when he shares his story with Booth’s character, Beth.

The critically acclaimed film tells the story of two strangers-Scott and Beth-as they’re destined to intervene in each other’s lives after a misdial fates them together forever. Beth is a late-night janitor who accidentally answers a call from Scott, who believes he has dialed a suicide prevention hotline. The movie presents both ends of a harrowing phone call that has Beth navigating a life-changing conversation as she attempts to aide Scott within her limited means.

‘Last Call’ is a split screen real-time film. The entire drama is comprised of two single-take shots, which are merged together and without cuts. The movie plays out with two camera crews as the story follow each character through their coincidental encounter.

The drama was directed by Gavin Michael Booth, who also co-wrote and produced the feature with Wilkins. ‘Last Call’ won several awards at a variety of film festivals, including Best Director at the Satisfied Eye International Film Festival and Best Actress at the CKF International Film Festival and the Hamilton Film Festival.

ShockYa's Exclusive Last Call Clip: Accidents Happen
ShockYa's Exclusive Last Call Clip: Accidents Happen

ShockYa is premiering an exclusive clip from co-writer-director-producer Gavin Michael Booth's drama, 'Last Call,' which is titled 'Accidents Happen,' and features actor-co-writer-producer Daved Wilkins and actress Sarah Booth.

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