“Join the Cult or Fight to Survive”

Producer Mem Ferda and Director Tristan Clay’s 70’s Slasher Inverted is an uninhibited portrayal of cult methodology, and the indoctrination and psychological deterioration it incites. A homosexual hippie, paedophilic priest, drug-addicted prostitute and drag queen are abducted by an ancient cult known as ‘The Inverts’. These sin-bearing individuals, pre- emptively recruited as soldiers for the imminent Holy War, are subjected to a series of ruthless initiations that push them to their bodily limits.

Written in the wake of the 2016 American presidential elections, the volatile political climate was a source of inspiration for Clay’s second feature. Speaking with ‘Morbidly Beautiful’, the young director shared: “Once our president was elected, we felt as if we were forced to fight someone else’s war, against our will, just like our victims within the film.”

Set to makes its debut in the coming weeks, Inverted is one to watch for thrill-seekers and fright fanatics alike. Watch the teaser trailer down below and head over to derangedmindsentertainment.com for updates.

Director: Tristan Clay.
Writers: Tristan Clay, Destinie Orndoff.

Producers: Mem Ferda, Destinie Orndoff, Roman Jossart, Tristan Clay, David Bellingham.

Cast: Suze Lanier-Bramlett, Maria Olsen, Jennifer Nangle, Maria Olsen and Suze Lanier- Bramlett.

Source for Quote: https://morbidlybeautiful.com/interview-tristan-clay-inverted/

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