Singer-songwriter-keyboardist Delyn Grey has released her new alternative-indie pop single, ‘Ghost Town.’

Artist: Delyn Grey: Lead vocals, keyboard and percussion production; Chris Macfarlane: Guitar; and Kyle Texiera: Bass

Music Video: ‘Ghost Town;’ Released: February 14, 2021; Mixed by: Vic Florencia; Mastered by: Harry Hess; and Produced by: Grey, Texiera and Macfarlane

Fearlessly delving into largely unexplored topics that are regularly considered taboo by society is a powerful way for musicians to find themselves on the charts. That’s certainly the case for singer-songwriter Delyn Grey, who recently released the music video for her new single, ‘Ghost Town.’ The indie pop song, which is now available on digital platforms, features a sobering, mourning quality that tackles dark themes with unflinching honesty.

The track’s somber and timely message, which is set against a pulsating blend of intricate piano, keyboard and percussion beats, highlights how society is still contending with desperate and unknown circumstances and measures due to COVID-19. The Toronto-based artist echoes the important message that everyone needs to support each other during this time of need, and embrace the opportunity to heal and be hopeful about the future.

Grey penned ‘Ghost Town’ two days into the quarantine, as she wanted to share how her feelings of helplessness, shock and disbelief became suffocating. She also felt inspired to showcase how the world is still in turmoil, a sentiment which shouldn’t be ignored. The fearless tune, whose lyrics and vocals are reminiscent of tunes from such musicians as Alessia Cara, Lorde and Tori Amos, also emphasizes that people need to do their part in taking the pandemic seriously, and should use their voices to make a difference.

The music video for Grey’s latest song powerfully emphasizes her deeply intimate art. The video is effectively presented in black and white to represented the harrowing outlook people have on losing their in-person contact with humanity during troubling times. It follows her as she walks across a bridge and overlooks a mostly empty town, which is set against a grey and gloomy sky. As she wears her winter coat, hat and gloves, she proclaims that people should hold onto their internal burning fire, and not let themselves be permanently swayed by their present circumstances.

With its raw and vulnerable lyrics that are set against a sentimental mix of piano, keyboard and percussion beats, ‘Ghost Town’ and its accompanying video tackle dark themes with unflinching honesty. The alternative-indie pop single features a vital and timely that highlights how society is still contending with desperate and unknown circumstances and measures due to COVID-19. The track also powerfully emphasizes Grey’s deeply intimate art, as well as how she can now embrace the experiences that have helped shape who she is today, no matter how initially painful they have been on her.

For more information on Grey, visit her official website, as well as her Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and Youtube pages.

By Karen Benardello

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