The album cover for boWsER alternative-hard rock album, ‘Whispers From the Wicker Man.’

Band: boWsER; Musicians: Brad Weynton: Vocals and guitar; Otto Mitter: bass; and Nathan Williams: drums

Album: ‘Whispers From the Wicker Man;’ Producer: Steve James; Release date: March 12, 2021

Fearlessly drawing on a natural brotherly connection as they wholeheartedly explore life’s darkest themes is the latest experiment that alternative band boWsER has powerfully succeeded in. Hailing from Australia’s Gold Coast, the hard rock trio, which is led by vocalist and guitarist Brad Weynton, recently relentless its anticipated sophomore album, ‘Whispers From the Wicker Man.’ The 11-track record further explores the group’s unique brand of riff-heavy rock with an apocalyptic intelligence.

‘Whispers From the Wicker Man’ stunningly funnels the years of hard work the band, which is also comprised of bassist Otto Mitter and drummer Nathan Williams, has put into their songs, including their triumphs and failures. The musicians prove they deserve to be compared to such fellow rock groups as Queens of the Stone Age, Foo Fighters and Tool with their big euphoric chords, complex arrangements and rich production on each of their latest songs.

The first entry on boWsER’s latest album is ‘Renegade,’ which instantly grabs listeners’ attention with its ambitious, searing guitar riffs, dynamic bassline and funky drum beats, as well as Weynton’s atmospheric vocals. The spirited opening tune quickly reminds the band’s audience of its signature heavy and vibrant sound, which is reminiscent of a ’70s groove rock song. Reminiscent of a Stone Temple Pilots track with its dynamic rhythmic instrumentals and snarling vocals, the initial entry on ‘Whispers from the Wicker Man’ proves boWsER deserves to be a leader in the rock genre.

‘Renegade’ then transitions into the record’s sophomore track, ‘Caught the Raisin.’ Driven by eclectic guitar riffs that are infused with a punk rhythm, the tune features an unforgettable and unique chorus that’s fueled by a ’90s vibe that’s similar to Queens of the Stone Age. Also interwove with an overall grunge aesthetic that’s inspired by Stone Temple Pilots, boWsER continues to secure its place in rock royalty with its latest album’s second song.

Another notable entry on ‘Whispers From The Wickerman’ is its fourth entry, ‘Supersonic,’ which serves as the record’s second single. The track is one of the best efforts on the group’s latest album, as it features some of the best production values. Supported by energetic and grimacing guitar riffs, Weynton’s pulsating vocals become visceral and include a noteworthy stripped-down energy on the ingenious tune. The song’s inventiveness make it a clear contender to become the record’s biggest commercial hit.

The title track on boWsER’s new album, ‘Wicker Man,’ is one of its catchiest, as it features a brilliant blend of original guitar riffs and drum beats. Reminiscent of Led Zeppelin’s rhythmic instrumentals and melodic vocals, ‘Whispers From the Wicker Man’s title tune is a commanding entry in the pop-rock genre that also deserves to be celebrated.

boWsER’s sophomore record begins to wind down with its penultimate song, ‘All About the Money,’ which features a unique blend of high-tempo metal instrumentals and vocals. Supported by pulsating drum beats and guitar riffs, Weynton shares his angst over noting wanting to to be wronged

‘All About the Money’ then delves into ‘Whispers From the Wicker Man’s last track, ‘Fault Lines.’ The high-energy rock anthem ends the album in a pleasing and effective way. The tune is driven by the singer’s high vocals in the chorus, which are supported by sneering guitars supported by a dynamic bassline and drums. The expert interweaving of Weynton’s singing with his bandmates’ instrumentals proves what an exceptional group boWsER is, and that they deserve their place as leaders in the alternative rock genre.

The members of boWsER powerfully funneled their years of hard work and natural brotherly connection into its anticipated sophomore record. The trio highlighted its unique sound of riff-heavy rock on all 11 song on ‘Whispers From the Wicker Man,’ as they courageously shared their triumphs and failures through their noteworthy euphoric chords, complex arrangements and rich production. Guides by Weynton’s gripping vocals, the album shouldn’t be missed by alternative-hard rock fans.

For more information on boWsER, visit the band’s official website, as well as its Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, Bandcamp and YouTube pages.

By Karen Benardello

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