The poster for co-writer-director-producer Will Wernick’s horror thriller, ‘Safer at Home.’

People often don’t witness the true demeanor of their friends, as well as the full extent that the law will take to suppress their behavior, until they’re propelled into extreme situations. That’s certainly the case for the ensemble group of characters in the new horror film, ‘Safer at Home.’

The seven friends, who are also engaged in several romantic relationships, have had to alter their lives on an extreme level after the resurgence of COVID-19, a couple of years after the pandemic began. With new extreme laws now even restricting the times they can leave their homes, the group is relegated to only socializing together through a video online chat service. While celebrating one of the friends’ birthdays, a harrowing chance encounter between one of the couples quickly escalates, which leads the entire group to panic for their lives.

‘Safer at Home’ is now playing in select theaters and on VOD and Digital, courtesy of Vertical Entertainment. The drama was written by Will Wernick and Lia Bozonelis, the former of whom also directed, and served as a producer on, the movie. The thriller stars Jocelyn Hudon, Emma Lahana, Alisa Allapach, Adwin Brown, Dan J. Johnson, Michael Kupisk and Daniel Robaire.

Set two years into the pandemic, ‘Safer at Home‘ follows a group of friends as they throw an online party with a night of games, drinking and drugs. After taking an ecstasy pill, things go terribly wrong, and the safety of their homes become more terrifying than the raging chaos outside.

Allapach generously took the time recently to talk about starring in ‘Safer at Home‘ during an exclusive interviews over Zoom. Among other things, the actress, who plays Harper, discussed why she was drawn to play the her character, and how she became attached to star in the film; her experience of interacting with Wernick and her co-stars entirely over Zoom; how shooting her scenes over the video online chat service influenced her physicality during the production; and why it’s important to focus on the social issues that have been affecting America during the pandemic in this type of movie.

Watch our exclusive interview with Allapach about, and the official trailer for, ‘Safer at Home’ below.

ShockYa's Exclusive Alisa Allapach 'Safer at Home' Interview
ShockYa's Exclusive Alisa Allapach 'Safer at Home' Interview

ShockYa's Karen Benardello exclusively interviews actress Alisa Allapach about her horror-thriller film, 'Safer at Home.'

By Karen Benardello

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